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Idalys Acosta running with the ball
Idalys Acosta running with the ball
Photo by Kevin Kwan

Meet Elizabeth Critcher, President of the FSU Rugby Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I had the opportunity to interview my hardworking friend Elizabeth Critcher who is president of the Women’s FSU Rugby team here at Florida State University. I am so excited to share with you some information about her and the sport she plays.

Rugby is a team sport that is big overseas in European countries, it is most like football because you tackle other players. The main difference though in rugby is that you can only throw the ball back to your teammates. Liz began playing during her freshman year of high school because her family friend coaches the rugby team at The University of Central Florida and inspired her to play and has loved the sport ever since. 

When I asked her how important it is to be a team player, Liz said it is very important as “you have to trust your teammates to have your back and will be there when you need them.” Being on a team has helped her learn the importance of helping others in need, how to build good friendships and how to work with all different kinds of people. Rugby is a big team sport and requires a lot of perseverance as the games consist of 40-minute halves. 

Some responsibilities of the president require keeping the team organized, supporting the executive board with recruitment and planning travel for games. When I asked Liz what advice she would give to someone who is scared to try out but is interested in the sport, she said “rugby is a good sport because there are no prerequisites, and you can come with any skill level as no athletic background is required.” The team also has rolling admissions and there is no deadline to apply. “A lot of people think they are not strong enough but that is not a requirement. You can learn the sport while playing, it’s a growing sport and the community is only continuing to grow.” Liz’s favorite part about competing with other teams is that you can make friends from people around the world, rugby is a very social sport and the teams usually hang out after the games. You can socially network and connect with others to help further your lifelong connections. 

Because women are capable of being just as strong, devoted, driven, and competitive as men, they must be represented in sports. For young girls everywhere, it’s important to see that sports like rugby, basketball, football, and soccer are not exclusively for boys. Break preconceived notions and participate in sports regardless of your gender. Women like Kathy Flores, a Florida State alumna who later served as the head coach at Brown University and was inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame, have served as role models for Liz. Although she sadly passed away in 2021, she left a legacy for women’s rugby everywhere.

The last question I asked Liz was how her teammates might describe her, and she responded, “A team leader and encouraging.” In addition to encouraging her team to be their best selves, she also builds relationships with them off the field. Liz is a wonderful friend and one of the best candidates I know for the job. Contact Elizabeth Critcher if you’re interested in learning more about this fun and competitive sport.

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