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Make Studying a Breeze At FSU’s Best Outdoor Study Spots

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Having to become my own hype woman to study is one of my biggest red flags, and I’m waving it proudly. Like many others, I’d do anything to avoid locking in and studying for hours on end — anything to procrastinate, of course! After countless grueling study sessions that I always claim to be my final last-minute cram, I’ve learned to accept that some days will be taken over by studying even if you’re manifesting the end of your chronic procrastination.

If you’ve come down with a bad case of study sickness, I have the medicine you’re searching for. Romanticizing your study time is such an easy way to get into the groove, making that five-hour study session fly by. My favorite way to romanticize studying is by studying outside. There’s something about the air outside that can’t waft into my lecture halls that motivates me to focus. Here are the best outdoor study spots at FSU.

The Benches by the EOAS Building

Now, I may be biased because the EOAS Building is conveniently located near the majority of my classes this semester, but these benches are my current favorite study spot on campus. This study spot isn’t typically very crowded, making it easy to find a seat — a notorious struggle of studying at Strozier Library. Between the EOAS Building and the trees lining the walkway, there is always a shady spot to avoid those annoying glares on your computer screen.

The Tables Between Diffenbaugh and the Williams Building

This was my tried-and-true study spot during my freshman year at FSU. As a freshman with lots of classes in Diffenbaugh and Williams, this study spot became my go-to out of convenience. Even though my love for this study spot started before I had a true grasp of FSU’s campus, I still frequent this location. This spot has picnic tables and is completely covered, perfect for studying outdoors on days that might not be so bright.

College of Medicine Courtyard

Typically, to protect my sanity, I tend to stay as far away as possible from any kind of STEM building, but I make an exception for this courtyard. Surrounded by gorgeous archways, the College of Medicine’s courtyard is a perfect escape from the bustling of students across campus. Being engulfed by the College of Medicine (a statement usually plucked right from my nightmares) provides me with a study zone safe from being distracted by FSU’s top-tier people-watching.

Mina Jo Powell Alumni Green

Speaking of people-watching, Mina Jo Powell Alumni Green is the perfect study spot for those who take a break from their studying by staring off into space. Located behind Westcott Fountain, this green is always buzzing with students. From hammock failures to skateboarders who fly past a little too close for comfort, I’ve seen a lot of entertaining sights at this study spot.

This grassy area has an abundance of trees, perfect for getting some shade or hammocking (or attempting to hammock). Another perk of this study spot is the super close walk to coffee shops. At this study spot, Calvin’s Coffee Shop is readily available for a last-minute coffee fix.

The Greek Park

The Greek Park is definitely a popular area on campus, but how often do you see people studying there? If you’re unfamiliar, the Greek Park is the park located between Jefferson Street and Landis Hall. The park has a gorgeous pavilion with golden arches and stained glass. This spot also has a ton of hidden benches and grassy land to lounge on. Tall trees provide lots of shade. Despite the central location of the park, I still find this park to be relatively quiet and focus-inducing.

With the weather in Tallahassee finally reaching a tolerable temperature, the time is now for outdoor studying. You’d better act quickly!

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Carly Nelson is an advertising major scheduled to graduate in 2026 from Florida State University. She loves music, going for coffee runs, concerts, and art.