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How To Get Involved with the College of Music at FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Florida State University has so many great organizations all around campus with so many events happening all the time. I wanted to talk about the place I spend almost all my time in that I think tends to get underrepresented: the College of Music (CoM). Nothing is better than getting to hear live music, and the College of Music has so many events and concerts happening all the time!

The CoM has free concerts going on that are always open to FSU students almost every night (did I mention for free?!). There is so much talent around the College of Music and there are always guest artists coming from other universities or cities as well. Ever bored on a Saturday night? A good group to catch is the University Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the CoM’s top full orchestras. There are also a ton of jazz performers and concerts that go on with well-known charts that you can enjoy and tap your foot to as well!

Another perk of the College of Music that we students love is the Warren D. Allen Music Library! The music library has a wide arrangement of music, scores, method books, and more that anyone can look into. If you want to start playing an instrument or read about certain types of music, I highly recommend visiting the music library! Even if you’re not a CoM student, you can call the library phone number at 850-644-5028 and they will let you in with your student ID!

A huge part of the CoM that most people may know very well is the Marching Chiefs! The Marching Chiefs work so hard and are at every single home game performing for pre-game and halftime! If you love hearing the marching chiefs like I do, I want to highlight another event that not many people know of called Skull Session. Every home game, the Marching Chiefs host a Skull Session where each section gets to play a student arrangement of fun songs! It also serves as a warm-up and gives you a preview of their halftime show for the game! What’s better than enjoying live music and getting hyped with the war chant right before a home football game?

The CoM has so many organizations, ranging from band fraternities and sororities to awesome acapella groups! One organization I want to highlight which hosts super cool events for people inside and outside the College of Music is The Music Industry Connection (TMIC). TMIC is the first FSU student organization dedicated to the music industry. Founded by Emma Robbins in Fall 2022, TMIC fills the gap in music business programming the CoM currently does not offer, but it’s grown into a bigger community of people from various majors and backgrounds who bond over their love of playing and working in music. They have a ton of events that offer FSU students the chance to collaborate with musicians, aspiring music professionals, and industry leaders in the community. True to their motto, TMIC is a community for musicians, music fans, and everyone in between. Whether you play music for fun, are looking to be a global superstar, or want to be a music executive in your niche, you’ll find a home in TMIC.

Sounds like something you’re interested in? TMIC has no membership dues and is open to everyone. An upcoming event is an Open Mic Night on Nov. 8 at Calvin’s Coffee House! Follow @tmicfsu on Instagram to stay up to date on more upcoming events!

The College of Music is filled with amazing organizations like TMIC and is very open to non-music majors participating in music events. We love to see people come together and enjoy music, whether it’s part of your major or just a hobby! It’s so special to get the opportunity to see music performed live and attend fun music-related events. I hope you’ll come and support the College of Music. See you there!

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Delaney Reilly is a staff writer at Her Campus FSU, majoring in instrumental music education. Beyond Her Campus, Delaney is a part of multiple organizations in the college of music. She is in the world-renowned marching chiefs, along with the University Philharmonic Orchestra, NAfME, and ASTA. When she isn’t writing or playing her instruments, Delaney is busy watching movies and traveling! https://www.linkedin.com/in/delaney-reilly-64b64817b