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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As an avid Halloween lover, there is nothing I love more than a good costume. However, it can be hard to come up with fresh ideas year after year. Nevertheless, inspiration is everywhere, including in your Florida State University residence hall! Some of these ideas are on the nose, while others are based purely on vibes, but each costume connects to its respective residence hall in its own unique way. 

DeGraff: Twins from The Shining 

Honestly, I can’t explain this one; it’s just a gut feeling. Maybe it’s the unsettling feeling of walking through the infamous tunnel at night. I wouldn’t be shocked if some creepy twins were standing at the end of it, to be honest. 

Magnolia & Azalea: Mary-Kate & Ashley 

Magnolia and Azalea are two of FSU’s most coveted dorms. They are the it-girls of the residence halls, much like iconic twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen during the early 2000s. 

Dorman & Deviney: Zack & Cody

While Dorman and Deviney are still popular dorm options, they receive a bit less hype than Magnolia and Azalea. Thus, they resemble a still memorable but more down-to-earth set of twins: Zack and Cody from Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. 

Bryan: Princess 

This suggestion is based on exterior appearance alone. Every time I walk past Bryan Hall, I can’t help but think of a castle. Bryan residents, it’s time to embrace your inner royalty this Halloween season and dress like the princesses you are.  

Broward: Frankenstein  

This costume idea came straight from a Broward resident herself. From her perspective, the battlements along the top of the building mirror the boxy shape of Frankenstein’s monster’s head. Call me crazy, but I kind of see it too. 

Cawthon: Glee Characters 

Because Cawthon is home to the Music Living-Learning Community, it’s only fitting that residents should dress up as the characters from everyone’s favorite musical television show, Glee. As an alternative option, dress as a ghost. Cawthon is known as FSU’s haunted dorm. 

Landis: A.N.T. Farm Characters 

At first thought, nerd would be the obvious answer, as Landis is home to FSU’s honors program students. However, as a former Landis resident, this hall deserves better. Dressing as characters from Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm plays into a nerdy stereotype in a much fresher way. 

Gilchrist: Scary Surgeon 

This is another one I can’t quite explain. Something about the linoleum floors and sterile, fluorescent lights make Gilchrist’s hallways feel like a hospital. I have nothing against the building; it’s simply an observation. 

Jennie Murphree: The Golden Girls 

Jennie Murphree is known for its rich tradition of being one of the longest designated women’s only dorms at FSU. Why not embrace history by dressing as one of television’s most beloved girl gangs, the Golden Girls?

Reynolds: Hippie 

Located just across the street from the peaceful Mina Jo Powell Green, Reynolds is just a few steps away from the perfect location to set up a hammock or lay out on the grass. Peace out, tree-huggers! 

Salley: Survivor 

Residents of this infamous dorm aren’t called Salley Survivors for nothing. Honor your time living in close quarters and embarking on treacherous walks to class by dressing as a contestant from the hit reality TV show Survivor.

Wildwood: Zombie 

A common complaint about Wildwood is its proximity to where the marching band practices. I know Wildwood residents are losing sleep over the noise, so why not lean into it and dress up as a zombie this Halloween season? 

Ragans: Friends Characters 

Ragans is one of the few residence halls on campus to boast a living room. While it’s not as spacious as the one featured in Friends (how did they afford that apartment, anyway?), Ragans apartments provide a common space for just as many antics as featured in the show. 

McCollum: Alien 

Before McCollum received its name, it was known as “Hall X.” Its former name and streamlined exterior make this hall feel otherworldly compared to FSU’s primarily collegiate gothic architecture. Therefore, an alien is the only proper costume choice. 

Rogers: Bride of Frankenstein 

This upperclassman residence hall was originally built to house married students. Pay homage to the past by dressing up as this famous Halloween bride. 

Traditions: Football Player 

Traditions has one of the best views of the Doak S. Campbell Stadium, so it’s only natural for residents to take inspiration from their surroundings and dress as football players. 

Hopefully, this list has left you with some costume inspiration and a bit more knowledge of your FSU dorm. Happy dressing up and have a fun and safe Halloween! 

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Thea is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a major in English (Editing, Writing, and Media) and a minor in education. She loves listening to all genres of music and spending time outdoors.