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FSU’s 2024-2025 Homecoming Directors Are Ready to Make This Year the Best One Yet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

While you may be familiar with the term “Homecoming” from high school, it has a completely different meaning here at FSU. Homecoming is a week-long celebration centered around FSU’s rich history and spirit. Some of these events include festivals or Homecoming Live, and all have their own unique twist. This celebration is over 70 years old and is one of the biggest traditions at FSU. It’s about bringing alumni, faculty, and students together!

Although it’s only one week of events, the planning for it has already started. The Homecoming executive board has been planning to make sure they give us an amazing week this upcoming fall. I was able to talk to the newest directors — Thais Diaz, Alexis Rister, and Olivia Chandler — about Homecoming to learn more about them and their plans for this year.

Her Campus (HC): Tell me about yourself and your other involvements. 

Thais Diaz (TD): I’m a third-year majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Communications. I’m the Overall Director for Homecoming this year. Some of my other involvements include being a CARE student and Facility Outreach for Diversity and Inclusion. 

Alexis Rister (AR): I’m a third-year majoring in Criminology and Sociology with a minor in Religion. I’m the Assistant Overall Director for Homecoming this upcoming year. I’m also involved in the Junior Class Council as the Logistics Chair. 

Olivia Chandler (OC): I’m a third-year majoring in English and Psychology with minors in Child Development and Women’s Studies. This year is my first year on Homecoming and I’m the Homecoming Live Director. My other areas of involvement include being Club Downunder’s Sponsorship Coordinator and Facilitator of Internal Affairs for Diversity and Inclusion. 

HC: What inspired you to get involved with Homecoming?

TD: I came to campus wanting to be involved, as I didn’t have traditional high school experience. There weren’t any football games or festivities. I wanted to connect with different areas on campus. Homecoming has been a great way to know others and promoted growth for me. 

AR: Participating in Spirit Force pushed me to get involved. Coming in as a first-generation college student, I wanted to connect with the university and its history. Homecoming does a great job at this because it’s such a big organization. It enables me to connect with FSU’s past and is something I will cherish 20 years from now. 

OC: I was interested in joining Homecoming due to the uniqueness of the organization and the large scale it has. It’s one of our largest organizations and allows me to engage in event programming on a next-level scale and truly see the impact my work will have on campus. It also connects me with new people and new organizations that I wouldn’t have normally connected with. 

HC: What are you most looking forward to this upcoming year with Homecoming?

TD: The ability to give Homecoming a fresh perspective on campus. We’re having Homecoming more designed for the student body and what they love so more students will participate. 

AR: Being better connected with the student body. I’m excited about what our council this year will put on, as there are a lot of new ideas and members. It’s going to be rewarding to see all the different ideas and perspectives come into reality. 

OC: I’d like to maximize resources to bring an artist that has had more mass appeal in previous years, and to have every student on campus excited for the people we can bring. 

HC: What’s been your favorite memory from Homecoming? 

TD: Last year, being Communications Director entailed having my own committee. They ended up becoming some of my closest friends, which I am forever grateful for. 

AR: Being Outreach Director last year, I loved being able to go on stage for Homecoming Live. It took months to set up and plan, which started in April, so I was able to finish it off and highlight the hard work the student organizations had done. 

HC: What’s one thing you wish people knew about Homecoming?

TD: I wish they understood how much work and commitment goes into a week of events, from council to leadership. Also, how Homecoming is put on by students for other students. 

AR: I wish they knew the week of events is designed for them. 

OC: It’s not a dance. It has so much more to it! 

HC: How can students get involved or have a say in Homecoming? 

AR: Spirit Force! They are a group of dedicated students helping support council, engage in professionalism, and connect with others. Another way to engage is by attending our events this upcoming fall. 

OC: Having suggestions for artists for Homecoming Live and sending them through message or email. 

Homecoming is for students and is something that can always be improved to meet the needs and wants of the student body. Hearing about the directors’ goals shows that they’re dedicated to this cause! 

As someone who’s done Spirit Force, it’s a great way to get involved with Homecoming and learn more about the process. It gave me a place to connect with other students during my first semester here and made me fall in love with FSU. I would recommend joining and being on the lookout for interest meetings and applications, which should come out soon! 

Whether you’re someone who’s never heard about Homecoming or is obsessed with it, I hope you check out these wonderful events this fall. Everyone on the team puts so much work and love into these events for everyone to enjoy. After this conversation with the directors, I’m so thrilled to see the results in November. 

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