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Fueling My Caffeine Addiction: The 3 Best Coffee Spots in Tallahassee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Each year, my morning routine shifts slightly, whether that’s taking the dreaded walk up Diffenbaugh Hill or leaving an hour early for class and hoping that I’ll find parking. Every year, a new addition to your schedule will undoubtedly try and throw off your morning, but you don’t have to let it! For me, the key to keeping my mornings somewhat consistent is caffeine. The glue that holds everything together — coffee — is without a doubt the best and most essential part of my morning.

Luckily for me, Tallahassee has no shortage of coffee shops, and I’ve had the pleasure of exploring them since my freshman year. From unique latte flavors that will rock your world to the best cold foam you’ve ever had, I am happy to report that Tallahassee has kept up with my snobby coffee standards.

The Frother’s Daughter

The Frother’s Daughter, a coffee shop on wheels, is one of my favorite coffee spots. It never disappoints. The truck frequently moves around to different locations around Florida State University’s (FSU) campus, following the weekly schedule posted on their Instagram. This coffee truck keeps new flavors rolling out with its monthly drink menu alongside lots of special, limited-time drinks. The Frother’s Daughter has crafted themed coffees for game days, popular albums, and movies, including my personal favorite: a pink, Barbie-themed coffee.

Aside from the menu, what truly sets The Frother’s Daughter apart from other coffee shops is the cold foam. If you couldn’t already guess from the truck’s name, The Frother’s Daughter makes an array of delicious flavored cold foams. The Frother’s Daughter’s ever-changing and delectable menu makes it the perfect coffee spot for the caffeine dependent looking to switch up their coffee order.

Vino Beano

Roughly a 10-minute drive from the center of campus lies Vino Beano, a not-so-hidden gem in Tallahassee. Before you get mad at me for sending you off campus, hear me out. If you are looking for the ultimate comfy study spot, Vino Beano has got you covered. Filled with colorful couches, adorable decorations, and the piercing scent of coffee beans, this restaurant’s aura alone will have you motivated to study.

Although Vino Beano may not have as large of a selection as alternative coffee shops, their delicious coffee should not be overlooked, as they have definitely mastered their coffee menu. My favorite coffee, the “Peanut Butter Brew,” is perfect for chocolate peanut butter lovers like me. This coffee has the perfect mix of savory, nutty flavors and rich mocha to satisfy my sweet tooth. Most importantly, regardless of the drive, you’ll always be skipping the consistently long lines at almost every coffee shop within FSU’s campus.

The Sweet Shop Café and Lounge

If you haven’t already heard of The Sweet Shop, please crawl out from the rock you live under and grab a notorious Sweet Shop caffeine fix. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of the owner’s famous disposition against outside food, or you’ve already indulged in a sweet treat from the shop, The Sweet Shop has become an FSU staple. Located on Jefferson Street across from Landis Hall, this café is the perfect pit stop to make between classes and other on-campus activities.

The Sweet Shop has a giant menu filled with espresso lattes, chai lattes, and more — leaving you with an impossible decision on what to order. If you ask me, “Cup A Heaven” is the best coffee there. However, I will admit even after a year of going to The Sweet Shop, I have yet to order anything else.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur like me or just trying to stay awake during your lecture, these local coffee shops can supply you with the energy you’re looking for. So go get some tasty coffee!

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Carly Nelson is an advertising major scheduled to graduate in 2026 from Florida State University. She loves music, going for coffee runs, concerts, and art.