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Here’s Where To Recreate Some Iconic Movies Scenes on FSU’s Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As a certified movie buff, I can’t help but wonder where some of the most iconic scenes in my favorite movies would take place around FSU. These are my takes on where I would recreate these scenes!

Pitch Perfect‘s Riff-off Scene: the Owen F. Sellers Music Amphitheatre

In Pitch Perfect, the Barden Bellas go against rivalry a capella groups in a “Riff-Off” at the fictional Barden University, but I could see that being recreated here at FSU at the Owen F. Sellers Music Amphitheatre. It could even feature some of the on-campus a capella groups, such as the Acabelles and All-Night Yahtzee!

The Breakfast Club‘s Detention Dance Scene: Strozier Library

Perhaps one of the most iconic library scenes in film history, the detention dance scene in The Breakfast Club just makes sense to be recreated in Strozier, specifically on the third floor. While I love going to Strozier for a good study session with my friends, the third floor means business, making it the perfect location for a detention recreation.

10 Things I Hate About You‘s Poetry Reading Scene: in an HCB Classroom

At one point or another, I am sure you will probably have a class in HCB, making it the perfect place for a recreation of Kat Stratford’s heartfelt poetry reading that has us all shedding a tear with every rewatch.

Say Anything‘s Boombox Serenade Scene: Outside of Landis Hall

Rather than a young John Cusack performing his serenade with the iconic boombox outside a girl’s house, I would recreate this scene outside one of the dorms. With the song “In Your Eyes” echoing from the boombox, the legendary serenade could be created with a new twist outside of the picturesque Landis Hall.

When Harry Met Sally‘s Katz’s Deli Scene: Suwannee Dining Hall

While the original scene takes place at Katz’s Deli, Suwannee Dining Hall would work for a comical recreation of the debate between Harry and Sally and the iconic “I’ll have what she’s having” moment.

(500) Days of Summer‘sElevator Meet-Cute Scene: in the HCB Elevator

Maybe this is a result of me romanticizing going to my classes, but whenever I’m catching the elevator in HCB to the second floor, I patiently wait for my own version of the classic “meet-cute” between Tom and Summer in (500) Days of Summer where they bond for the first time over loving the Smiths. While it has yet to happen, I feel that this is where it could be recreated.

Legally Blonde‘s Elle Woods’ Graduation Speech: at the Tucker Center

My graduation from FSU better include a speech like Elle Woods’ to inspire and motivate me and all the other wonderful women graduating! The Tucker Center all set up for graduation as would serve as the perfect stage for Elle Woods to speak her truth.

Imagining these iconic movie moments recreated at Florida State adds a bit of “movie magic” to my daily campus life! But it’s not just about recreating these scenes; it’s about living out our own movie moments that will turn into incredible memories after our time on campus.

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Aiven Davis is a new writer to Her Campus, this being her first semester writing at the Florida State chapter. Eager to bring her unique perspective she is looking forward to contributing personal and culture articles. Beyond Her Campus, Aiven interns at the Florida State Office of University Communications where she creates content through photography and videography for Florida State across their main social media accounts. She also volunteers at Seminole Productions where she contributes to the live broadcasting of a variety of sport events, including covering women’s soccer and volleyball, football, baseball, and softball. Her entire first year of school was spent abroad in Valencia, Spain She is currently in her third year at Florida State University where she majors in Digital Media Production with a minor in International Affairs. In her frere time, Aiven enjoys watching movies, specifically movies directed by women. Using this interest, she spends a lot of her time contributing to her passion project, a TikTok account promoting films made by women. In addition to this Aiven enjoys staying active by going for walks around campus, she loves going on quick trips with her friends and of course enjoying a movie at the on-campus theatre!