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Fall Is in the Air at FSU (I’m Delulu)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

From pumpkin spice coffee to Florida State football, fall semester is a warm and cozy welcome back to campus. Autumn has its nostalgic and whimsical moments, but it feels like magic at Florida State University (FSU). Whether you’re admiring Westcott Fountain, gazing at the luminous Legacy Walk trees, or getting your Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew fix from an on-campus Starbucks, you can practically feel the seasons change… at least by Florida standards.

I’m not entirely delusional about the weather feeling unpleasant currently, with the lovely 90-degree heat and the humidity at 1000 percent. Being a fall girly is a struggle when you live in Florida. Maybe our leaves don’t change colors like they do in North Carolina, and sure, we don’t really get snow in Florida, but despite FSU being in a state notorious for its heat, there are still ways for a Florida college to feel like autumn.

College football season supports the desperately needed “fall feel” for the semester. Walking to the stadium last November with my friends was one of my fondest moments of that year. The FSU football team had an early morning home game, and it was genuinely chilly outside. I could walk comfortably in ripped, baggy jeans and an FSU hoodie. This sentence should not be taken lightly as a Florida resident. Our football team, in addition, was performing better last year than it had for many, so most students were thrilled to see the progression of our student athletes. Lastly, many students were eager to visit home, as it was just a few short days before Thanksgiving break. Because of these elements, this event is a core fall memory of mine.

Speaking of memories, I can sense the fall nostalgia each time I purchase a limited edition drink at Starbucks (Strozier, I’m looking at you). Something about the taste of Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam makes me want to lie down in a pumpkin patch or get lost in a corn maze. It reminds me of baking Pillsbury Pumpkin Sugar Cookies, bobbing for apples, and watching the Fantastic Mr. Fox as a child (if you know, you know). Sipping on a pumpkin-themed beverage while studying outside on a frigid day is one of the most fall-semester-coded things you can do at FSU.

Autumn at FSU is also exciting because of the feeling of renewal. The start of a new school year graces students with the opportunity of a fresh start. You could completely rebrand yourself if that’s what you choose. The feeling of endless possibilities for the year takes over. Even sitting through syllabus week can feel good because this time of year reminds you that you can do and be anything!

Whether you’re reading this and feeling my excitement for the upcoming season or shaking your head in disapproval, I know it’s unrealistic to say that fall is here at FSU. Regardless, I’d gladly embrace a fall here at Florida State over anywhere else, even if the humidity is wild and the leaves haven’t entirely changed colors yet.

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Allysa Laufersky is a Sophomore at Florida State University. She is a Staff Writer at Her Campus FSU, and is currently majoring in Media/Communication Studies, while minoring in English. Loves dancing, "hot girl walks", music, film, anything pop-culture related, TikTok, taking photos, and being in the moment.