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Dating Horror Stories That Have Kept Me Single At FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Despite being located in the Sunshine State, Tallahassee is not all sunshine and rainbows, and the FSU dating scene isn’t much better. With Valentine’s Day coming up, there is quite a group of unhappy singles that may be mourning the lack of a special partner. However, these people fail to realize they’re not missing out. Here are some dating horror stories that have kept me single at FSU.

The Cheater Who Kept Cheating

Back when I lived with male roommates, I knew to expect guests coming in and out the door, especially with the convenience of the apartment location. One of my roommates was in a relationship, so his girlfriend was a frequent visitor who I came to grow fond of, as she was a total sweetheart.

I didn’t expect to find out that I lived with a cheater.

The first time I found out one of my roommates cheated on his girlfriend was when I came home late from the library to screams from the apartment by the scorned girlfriend. Minding my own business, I knew to go to my room and wait out their fight instead of making it known that there was an audience to their verbal altercation. Around an hour later, when I decided to get water and snacks from the kitchen, I heard giggles from across the apartment. My roommate made his girlfriend fold like a cheap tent despite being caught practicing infidelity. Ladies, stand up!

Getting Ghosted

Audacious men never fail to amaze me. I was once ghosted by a man who originally pursued me. Not only was I approached by this man, but I held a conversation with him for over an hour on our first encounter to the point where he missed a class because he was so caught up in our conversation. He asked me for my contact information. He asked me out to dinner. And then he ghosted me on the day we were supposed to meet up.

Unfazed by the lack of decorum from Tallahassee men, I moved on without giving this man the time of day. Months later, we ran into each other at a party where he introduced me to his girlfriend.

The Tinder Swindlers

Delusion is not the solution, my friends. If I had a nickel for every time I caught a man on Tinder being unloyal to his partner whom I knew, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right? On one occasion, the woman had already been cheated on, so my word wouldn’t have made a difference. She already had her mind fixed on staying with her cheating boyfriend.

The other woman, who I did end up contacting, made an excuse for her boyfriend. It made sense that she would, given that they’d been together for several years. One of the photos used on the boyfriend’s Tinder account even featured the girlfriend herself, and although her face was cropped out of the photo, her outfit was still visible and noticeably taken from a post on her social media, which I followed. Anyway, my point still stands. Ladies, stand up!

Blatant Disrespect

As an Asian woman, it’s become a disappointing reality to expect racism from other people. As a litmus test for potential partners, my friend will occasionally invite a man over to observe how he socializes with other people, which I’ve found to be a unique but also effective method to weed out the men who don’t fit the vibe that she’s looking for.

One of the more recent failures consisted of a man who straight up asked me “Are you Japanese?” without any proper introduction of who he was, and without any relevant flow of conversation that would have led to discussions about my ethnic background. For the record, I’m not Japanese, and when I made this known, the man continued to rattle off a list of Asian countries that he knew. Not once was he correct.

Chalk it up to cultural ignorance or whatever excuse you may want to offer, but the tasteless manner in which this man asked me about my identity is indicative of a close-minded person who has skewed perceptions of Asians being a monolith. Needless to say, my friend never spoke to this man again.

From my own experiences and from the things I’ve seen at FSU, maybe it’s not a bad thing to be single this Valentine’s Day. You’ll be free from partners that cause emotional distress, and that’s a win in my book!

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Savannah is a Public Health major from Jacksonville, Florida. She enjoys long walks on the beach, playing piano, and long distance running.