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Campus Cuties: The Library Inhabitants

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We’ve all seen them.  We’ve all been them.  During finals week, our campus libraries experience a rush of new inhabitants who clamber in to set up camp and put in their last-ditch efforts for the semester.  They pay their rent in Starbucks coffee and printer fees, and naturally only see the light of day when they actually leave the library to go take their dreaded exams.

The typical day of these campus cuties consists of studying, coffee, more studying, a guilt-filled nap or Netflix episode, even more guilt-filled study snacks, and even more studying.  There is no sleeping or proper nutrition for these fine academics.

Nicole MacMillan, a freshman preparing for her first round of college finals, told me, “Thank God for Starbucks.  It’s the only reason I’m living right now.”

What’s the typical outfit?  Think “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on” except more like, “sweatpants, hair tied (that hasn’t been washed in days), ugly-crying with no makeup on.  Because, really, who cares what you look like when you have four papers and five exams due and you’re on the verge of a C?  I know I don’t.

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“Club Stroz is my second bedroom,” says Rebecca Grbinich, a frequent visitor to the library.  “It’s kind of like the family room where everyone goes to hang out after we’ve all changed into our pajamas, taken our makeup off, and we’re sitting around watching TV.  Except we’re cramming for exams and on the verge of a breakdown.”

However, there is one line from that song that still rings true: “That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take that wrong.”  This week’s campus cuties are the entire student body because nothing is more attractive than someone who is driven and working hard towards success.

Collegiettes – I am calling on you to continue with your makeup-free, pizza-eating, exam-cramming ways.  Not only is not even one of you unattractive in your natural states, but also your brains are showing off how beautiful and wonderful they are right now.  I know a typical weekend involves a face full of makeup and the cutest outfit in your closet, but this weekend, the most attractive thing you can do is write a darn good paper and get ready to ace your finals.  You rock, Collegiettes!  And good luck! 

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