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Apply Here: How To Find a Job and Keep Your Balance as a College Kid

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Looking for a job while being a full-time student is hard work. I mean, realistically being a student is a job in itself. When managing a social life, grades, campus involvement, internships, and applications, having a job can be shoved under the rug… but how are we supposed to enjoy our freedom as college students with no funds? Let me share some pointers on how to make bank while still managing being a college kid.

Build Your Resume 

Starting strong, we have building your resume. This is crucial. Without a resume, hiring managers have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. A resume is like a first impression on paper. It’s a summarized list of who you are, your work ethic, and your commitment. Most resumes can be made on Word, Google Docs, or Pages, and luckily, most organizations have no preference as to how you organize/format it. This gives you so much creative liberty, making the process a whole lot more fun! But what if you’ve never made a resume before? How would you even go about that? I promise it’s so much easier than you think! There are many places on campus to go to if assistance is needed when constructing your resume. Professors are a good first option. They are here to help! Most professors here at Florida State University (FSU) would be ecstatic to see their students taking the initiative to apply to the workforce in the real world. Another fantastic option would be to confide in the Career Center! The Career Center has helped so many students prepare for interviews, find internships, learn how to job hunt, and yes, you guessed it, build a resume.

Having a good resume may seem insignificant because of how electronically based job applications are nowadays, but I can assure you that these hiring managers are looking for a well-rounded, involved, and successful individual, and having a resume is a wonderful indication of that! 

Find a Job on Campus

FSU has so many job opportunities that many people do not even know about! This school is overflowing with opportunities to make the students here the most successful versions of themselves, and employment opportunities are just one of the many aspects of that. Some on-campus jobs would be a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader, Starbucks barista, bookstore employee, Campus Ambassador, Teacher’s Assistant, etc. 

There are so many perks to having an on-campus job, starting with the pay. I get it — the pay is super important; I mean, we have to make bank somehow! Most on-campus jobs do not pay lower than minimum wage so right now it would be $12 an hour. Additionally, you are also paid while going through training.

Another helpful aspect of having an on-campus job would be that your employers respect your time! Most off-campus jobs do not care or understand that college students have many things loading their plates. On-campus jobs see that firsthand and give you time to do homework, understand you may be part of other clubs, have class at night, etc. On-campus jobs help work that into your schedule. Overall, these jobs are ideal and so fun because of how immersed they are in FSU’s culture. 

Be Proactive 

Last but not least, be proactive about your job search! I know it can be hard and overwhelming, especially when everyone at FSU applies for jobs at the same time in the same place; however, it’s so important to keep hunting. Once you stop, your chances of employment dwindle. Keeping the balance of social life, school, and job hunting isn’t easy, but neither is getting into FSU and here you are! To stay balanced and proactive, carve out a time in your day to apply for jobs or to visit the job in person! No matter how you decide to go about it, as long as you feel confident and productive, then that’s what matters in the end. Also, make sure to remember patience is a virtue. Proactiveness will get you far, but patience and trust will get you farther. With that being said, to succeed in balancing everything, make sure to have fun and make time for yourself or your friends during this process! 

Overall, job hunting is not for the weak… especially as a college student. Remember though, you are not alone and everything happens in time. This is only one part of the FSU experience, and there are so many employment opportunities out there! Just remain patient, confident, and balanced. There is a job out there for everyone and if you don’t get one this year, look at it as an opportunity to dive into other interests you have. FSU is your oyster so make sure to take advantage. Until then… happy (job) hunting!

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My name is Ella Freiser and I am a second year here at Florida State University. I am a BA Theatre major double majoring in International Affairs and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of Her Campus! I am a part of some other organizations here at school including Seminole Tap Troupe, and DW Magazine. I always love getting involved and I encourage everyone to find that one special thing on campus that makes them love FSU even more! I love writing as I am a very creative person. I dance, sing, and act. I think it's important to use words to express how you feel. I love to read as well. I think it is important to expand your knowledge and interests as we are always growing! That is why I love FSU! There are so many opportunities to try new things, meet new people, and even start your own clubs. Some of my favorite things to do in my spare time would be running, going to the beach, watching TV and movies, listening to music, having dance parties, driving, and going to dinner! I love my family and friends as I would not be where I am without them. I also love making new friends, so if you ever see me on campus say HI! You can normally find me in the Fine Arts Building, Stroizer, the Union, or tanning/hammocking on Landis. I look forward to writing for Her Campus this year and can’t wait to share all my experiences with everyone!