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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I acknowledge that I might have a TikTok problem. I adore “Get Ready with Me” videos, shopping hauls, girlhood monologues, RushTok, and anything Taylor Swift related. Yet there’s one genre of video that I love and adore most when it pops up on my For You Page, and that’s Florida State TikTok. I love content from FSU students. A lot of times, it’s relatable, shows places I see every day, and keeps me up to date with the newest up-and-coming campus trends. I’ve seen funny interviews in College Town, montages of our beautiful campus, and sorority recruitment through many FSU content creators. FSU may have banned TikTok on the campus Wi-Fi, but it hasn’t slowed my usage of the app or love for the Florida State content. Whether it’s for gameday inspo, “Get Ready With Me’s,” or vlogs, these are my favorite FSU TikTokers.

Loi Abasial @loiabasial 

Loi Abasial boasts 22.8k followers on TikTok where she posts “Day in the Life” videos and vlogs, makeup reviews, transition and dance videos, and cheerleading videos. Abasial is part of the FSU Cheerleading team. Watching her videos makes me wish I’d done cheerleading as a young girl (I didn’t really know what it was or that it existed until high school). Her cheer-themed TikToks showcase her new skills, fun transition videos, the latest trendy dances with her friends, Doak montages, and more.

Nothing can get me more in the mood for game day or a war chant than watching Abasial’s school-spirited videos about gameday and her love for Florida State. Her joy and passion for cheer, her friends, and content creation are evident in everything she creates. I would recommend her to anyone who loves and adores Florida State or maybe doesn’t know that much about FSU Cheerleading or cheer in general! If you love Abasial’s content, she recently started a YouTube channel that can also be found through her TikTok profile.

Maddie Dunbar @maddiedunbarr

If you’re looking to up your personal style or social media content, then look no further than Maddie Dunbar. She clearly has a passion for fashion and has multiple videos discussing and rating her own FSU-themed outfits, which are perfect for gameday inspo. I personally want to invest in a pair of light wash low-waisted jeans and FSU sneakers after seeing her TikToks.

Besides fashion, Dunbar loves social media and was Director of Social Media Marketing for her sorority, which is NOT an easy job. She shares tips on how she created certain stories or posts that can provide inspiration for aspiring content creators or influencers, sorority chapters, registered student organizations, or even businesses. Dunbar also posts apartment decor inspiration, FSU montages, content with her friends, and more. She is an up-and-coming influencer with 29.7k followers on TikTok.

Rosella Cruz @rosella.cruz

Rosella Cruz has a special place in my heart because she was one of the first FSU content creators I discovered during my freshman year. Cruz posts “Day in the Life” videos which entail aspects of her life such as date functions with her sorority, a recent sponsorship, and relationship content. She also has videos on her profile of her tackling the 75 Soft challenge.

Besides vlogs and 75 Soft, Cruz offers advice to incoming freshmen, gives makeup reviews, “Get Ready with Me” videos, and more. She’s also had the opportunity to work with brands such as Zupp, Pretty Little Thing, Princess Polly, and more. Cruz inspires me to start my micro-influencer journey and always makes me smile with her relatable content. If you follow her today, you’ll be joining her 76k following.

Ashley Sims @ashleytsims

I don’t know about you, but all my friends were gushing about Ashley Sims’ GRWM videos during Panhellenic recruitment. Everyone (including me) is obsessed with her black makeup headband, her story times and life updates, and her iconic style. Sims is a recent junior transfer to Florida State but has been in Tallahassee since her freshman year. Her content details her life and experience in her sorority and events such as date functions and big-little.

Sims also LOVES a good haul. You can find shopping hauls from Trader Joe’s, Lululemon, Target, Free People, Zara, Ulta, and more. She’s a great resource to see what’s trending in campus and class outfits, gameday outfits, and more. She also talks about Tallahassee life, like her favorite nail salon and the block parties in College Town. Sims has collaborated with brands such as Princess Polly, White Fix, Teleties, Hello Molly, and KVD Beauty. She makes videos for her following of 355.8k fans. 

Katie Donnelly @kkatiedonelly

Katie Donnelly is a Florida State student from Maryland who documents her FSU student life, vlogs, cirus tryouts and life, GRWM, outfit inspiration, and more. She has amassed a following of 459.7k people who enjoy her random thoughts, cute DIYs, montages, and more. You’ll be instantly won over by her sense of humor, colorful style, and pretty aesthetics.

In her FSU student life, she vlogs everything from $130 parking tickets to the iconic war chant in Doak Campbell Stadium. Besides FSU, she also vlogs sorority life, Disney trips, beach days, and spending time with her family. I think it’s super cool that she’s in the FSU circus because I don’t know a lot of people involved in it. Her GRWMs can be for anything from circus shows to gamedays to recruitment week. Donnelly has so many passions and talents that you won’t fully be able to keep up with them, but don’t worry, she’ll definitely update you!

Today, I hope I influenced you to follow or look into some of our local creators!

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