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4 Things To Do in Tallahassee Before the Spring Semester Ends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As the spring semester is very slowly but surely coming to a close, bittersweet feelings wash over me. The end of homework, studying, and exams is so close I can almost taste it, but so is the end of going out with friends, enjoying Tallahassee’s nature, or enjoying the beautiful campus of FSU.

As finals approach, it’s essential to take a break from the books and truly enjoy the last few weeks of the spring semester. Here are some ways to soak up that Tallahassee sunshine and give this city a proper “see you later,” or for some, sadly even a “goodbye.”

Explore nature

Before moving to Tallahassee, I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is where I was born. I’m very fortunate to live close to many beaches at home, but here in Tallahassee, we aren’t so fortunate, as the closest beach is about an hour or so away. However, there’s so much nature to explore that’s a lot closer.

There are a variety of springs and sinkholes to explore, including Wakulla Springs, Cherokee Sink, and Wacissa Springs. There are also so many beautiful parks or lakes to walk around, including Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, Lake Ella, and Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park. I went to Wakulla Springs for the first time recently and it was amazing. I hadn’t swam in fresh water in a long time, and it felt so cold yet refreshing. The weather was perfect and the surrounding nature was so beautiful. They even had a delicious ice cream shop to end the sunny afternoon.

Before the semester ends, take advantage of the variety of natural beauty that Tallahassee has to offer, especially if you’re an out-of-state student — it might be a lot colder at home than it is here in the Sunshine State. Get outside and enjoy some nature!

hammock or walk around campus

Speaking of getting outside, FSU’s campus offers the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful afternoon spent lounging in a hammock. Grab a good book, headphones, and sunglasses and strap on to a tree to spend the afternoon practically suspended in nature surrounded by the beautiful oak trees and manicured landscaping of the campus. The sunlight filtering through the leaves and the trees swaying above you feels so relaxing. Bring a laptop to get some homework or studying done. Or better yet, people-watch on Landis Green.

If you’re in the mood for more of an active way to enjoy FSU’s campus, go for a walk! The beautiful and historic brick buildings surrounded by sprawling oak trees and lush landscaping make the campus a scenic backdrop for your walk. Grab your headphones, sunglasses, and water bottle and explore the campus. Maybe you’ll find a part of the campus you didn’t know existed! It’s also fun to walk around the campus at sunset, as it’s less crowded and not as hot.

visit your favorite study spot

As finals are eerily approaching, hours of studying are to come. What better way to close off the semester and prepare for finals than by going back to your favorite study spot where it all began? Whether it’s in Strozier, at a café, secluded under a tree, or at a random table in a random building, take some time to study, but also appreciate how far you’ve come this semester. Reminisce on all the late nights spent hunched over your laptop and textbooks and appreciate the fact that it’s almost over!

take advantage of the campus

FSU is such a great school with a beautiful campus that offers endless opportunities. I encourage you to spend these last few weeks taking advantage of those opportunities. For instance, grab a drink or snack at the bar in the Student Union, and go bowling or play some pool with friends! Head over to the Innovation Hub off Landis Green and learn how to 3D print for free. Attend a movie at the Askew Student Life Cinema or a concert at Club Downunder. Go to the Rez, FSU’s Lakefront Park. Do something you’ve never done before!

All in all, as the semester comes to an end, make sure to dedicate some time to making a few final memories during your spring semester spent at FSU. Whether you’re relaxing in nature, exploring the campus, or going out with friends, I encourage you to soak up every minute. Before you know it, you really will be saying goodbye to that favorite study spot, bar, classroom, or restaurant. Relish in the bittersweetness of it all!

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Ellie is a staff writer for the FSU chapter of Her Campus. She writes about a range of topics, from culture, to lifestyle, to college-life! She is a second-year communications major and is pursuing a double minor in commercial entrepreneurship and general business. Beyond Her Campus, Ellie enjoys traveling, self-care, cooking, and hanging out with her friends!