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11 Essentials for Your College Dorm Room at FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

When I finally made my decision to go to FSU, I was already pretty late in the dorm designing game. I hadn’t put much thought into what I needed at all, which led me to scramble last minute for all of my college essentials. I wish I had someone to help me figure out what I needed—especially the most useful items that no one talks about—so I’m here to help! Consider me your college dorm essentials guide.

1. Mobile Laundry Bag

Something no one ever tells you about FSU college dorms—especially the oldest ones—is that you can never rely on the elevators. Living on one of the highest floors of my building, there was no way I was going to drag my laundry bag up and down. Instead, I got a laundry bag backpack—an absolute lifesaver. I do tend to look a bit like a hitchhiker in it, but it has saved me the unnecessary struggle of pulling my bag up each step of the stairs.

2. Slippers

Now, these may seem like a no-brainer to some, but as someone who used to only wear socks back at home, slippers have been one of the best things that have happened to me at FSU. I’m so attached, I even bring them back home every time I visit so I can use them there too. College dorm floors are a lot less clean than you think, and these slippers will be your go-to whenever you’re going anywhere in your dorm, whether that’s the water fountain or the pool table. They’re super fluffy and warm, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

3. Desk Mirror

To all my makeup girls! This desk mirror will be your new best friend. It has multiple light settings—cool, warm, and neutral—and an adjustable brightness setting. It’s a pretty great size and is super aesthetic, transforming your desk into your new getting-ready station.

4. Desk Shelf Organizer

Clear space, clear mind. Your desk will probably be one of the places in your dorm that you spend the most time in (other than your bed), so it’s important to make it look nice and organized. This shelf organizer is super nice because it almost perfectly matches your desk’s color and doesn’t take up the whole desk space. The shelves start pretty high, so I’m able to fit not only my desktop under there but the desk mirror that I listed previously!

5. Personal Hammock or Beach Towel

Even though this isn’t technically something you can use inside your dorm, you want to keep one handy in there! For ultimate relaxation, you can set up your hammock or beach towel on a nice, warm day on Landis. Bring a book and some snacks, or just take a quick nap! We’ve seen it all over here.

6. Storage Bed Stool

I won’t lie to you—the dorm beds are held extremely tall. So, it’s important to get a cute stool for your bed, preferably one that has storage in it too. I got mine from Target, they have many cute options especially around college dorm decor season right before school starts. I would suggest going in person to make sure you get one that can hold you up and not slide on the dorm floors, whether it’s carpet or tile.

7. Tissues

It seems like at least a few people in each of your classes are sick every day, seemingly coughing their lungs out in the middle of a lecture. Unfortunately, at some point, that will be you and I want you to be prepared. Tissues, tissues, tissues! Whether under a slight cold or endless amounts of pollen are intruding your nose, tissues are a must-have that many people forget. With the large student population here at FSU, you are bound to get sick and you want to be as prepared as possible!

8. Pictures

At some point, you will experience some homesickness. You may not be able to go home right away to relieve it, so having some pictures of friends and family back home can be a great way to help. College is a crazy, new experience that takes a bit to get used to. Being able to look at those photos and see the people you care about most has helped me and will be sure to help you.

9. Swimsuit & Beach Items

While FSU may be pretty inland, especially if you’re from the coast, we do have a man-made lake just four miles from campus called the Rez Lakefront. There’s sand volleyball, a 40-foot climbing wall, and watercraft rentals all for FREE with your FSU ID! You can also swim your heart out in the designated swimming areas, so make sure to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen.

10. Travel Bag

Whether you drive, take a bus or fly home, a travel bag (or suitcase) is a must-have. I forgot my suitcase the first time coming down and had to last minute buy a travel bag, so make sure to bring one from home! This bag should be spacious and have lots of pockets for all the little trinkets you want to bring to and from your travel destination.

11. Hanging Shower Organizer or Shower Caddy

One of the best perks of FSU dorms is that you have a private bathroom, shared with a maximum of 3 other people. Because of this, you have the choice of either getting a shower caddy or a hanging shower organizer to share with your roommates/suitemates. These items have saved me the time of taking all of my bathroom essentials to the bathroom since I can just leave them there!

Overall, the experience of living on campus at FSU is like no other. This list is filled with essentials to make sure you make the most of it!

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Reese Hrannarsson is a staff writer at the Her Campus at Florida State University chapter. She writes bi-weekly articles surrounding personal, culture, and campus topics. Beyond Her Campus, Reese is the Director of Finance for Florida State University's Women Student Union and the Secretary for the Women In Government club. She is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics and is interested in working in government. In her free time, Reese enjoys going biking and spending time with family and friends. She also loves travelling and hopes to travel to every U.S. capital.