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Calling All Aspiring Writers and Artists: The Kudzu Review is Seeking Submissions

Do you have a tale itching to be told or maybe some poetry pent up within that your pencil is yearning to put to paper? Are you handy with a camera or especially proficient with a paintbrush? Are you in search of an outlet to showcase your noteworthy skill set? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then The Kudzu Review is your means of moving forth with gaining recognition of your talents.

The Kudzu Review is a highly respected, and completely student-run, undergraduate literary journal. It was founded in 1988 and is unique to Florida State University’s campus. A scholarly gem, the journal produces and publishes the cultivated creations of undergraduate students here at Florida State University. With that being said, the cutoff date to submit for the Fall 2017 journal release is rapidly growing closer with each passing day; Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, will be the final day that The Kudzu Review will be accepting hopeful submissions and all works should be turned in by 5 p.m. sharp.

Courtesy: The Kudzu Review FSU

Every journal is sectioned into four distinct genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Guidelines for submissions include the following criteria:

  • Fiction: Fiction pieces must be double-spaced and typed in 12pt Times New Roman font. Only a single story can be sent in by each participant and those works shouldn’t go below or over the 8-15 page limit. If you wish to submit three “flash fiction” works, all three combined must stay well within the 15-page maximum.
  • Creative Nonfiction: Like fiction, nonfiction requires the same formatting rules. Nonfiction works may not exceed ten pages in length and writers are allowed to write three separate short pieces as long as they do not exceed the ten-page count combined.
  • Poetry: Alternatively, all poetry should be single-spaced and should not exceed three pages in length. A total of three poems can be submitted per participant.
  • Visual Art: Each participant may submit up to five pieces of art, whether it be digital, photography, or scanned images created by utilizing various other forms of media.

Now that you are aware of the guidelines, it’s time to create and submit! There are so many editors just biting at the bit to read some new content, so don’t hesitate. This journal isn’t reserved for writing and English majors. In fact, all undergraduate students enrolled at FSU are eligible and highly encouraged to submit; whether you’re a biology major, a political science major, a communications major, an engineering major, or any other major for that matter, your writing will be welcomed with wide open arms! Editors optimistically go into each and every reading without any preconceived notions and they’re eager to receive your submissions!

If you’re not keen on creating something to submit but you still want to get involved, consider joining the Kudzu team as an editorial assistant for the Spring 2018 semester. This journal places the responsibility of running a successful publication in the capable hands of students. It’s an experience like no other in which students gain and develop communication skills while also learning to defend their opinions on writing and literary works. The Kudzu Review opens the door to the wonderful literary world and, while doing so, it presents our community with Florida State University’s finest literary works of art.

For more information, email The Kudzu Review’s general question email: kudzu.fsu@gmail.com or visit their website.

Tawnie Simpson is a Senior Editing, Writing, and Media student at Florida State University. She enjoys (needs) a good cup of cold brew, she comes from a small town nobody knows called "about an hour south of Tampa" and she is often mistaken for 10-year-old Lindsay Lohan, but she's not complaining.
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