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If you’re anything like most families in America you’ve already binged the entire first season of Netflix’s hit drama Bridgerton. The show has drawn in a whopping 63 million households, according to Variety. Audiences and Critics favor it alike; Bridgerton is sitting pretty with a 90% critic score and an 83% audience approval score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s safe to say that America is especially royally obsessed with the Gossip Girl meets Pride and Prejudice Wattpad-fanfiction-like show.

Simon being hot
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If you’ve watched Bridgerton and you also have Tik Tok, chances are you’ve come across a Tik Tok oogling the actor who plays Simon. Or, if you’ve fallen even further down the rabbit hole, your entire For You Page has become Tik Tok’s of duets singing fan made songs involving the characters and relationship dynamics of Bridgerton. Not too long ago, if you recall, Tik Tok created the idea of Ratatouille the Musical, creating songs and choreographed dances for the Pixar film. Playbill actually then picked up Tik Tok’s concept, seeing its popularity and dedication from fans, and hosted a Ratatouille the Musical Live Event.

Now we see the same thing with Bridgerton the Musical, all started by two talented young female singer-songwriters with just one viral song, “Daphne’s Song,” that sent Tik Tok into another musical frenzy. Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the co-creators of all of the Bridgerton Musical pieces so far, saw that Tik Tok users and Bridgerton fans went crazy over it and started making even more songs for all of the characters of Bridgerton. One in particular, “Burn For You,” a duet between Simon and Daphne’s characters, has picked up significant traction for its catchy melody, clever stacking of music lines and spot-on lyricism. Every musical theatre and Bridgerton fan have undoubtedly had this song stuck in their head after listening to it.

Daphne drinking
Netflix / Giphy.com

In her newer Tik Tok’s, Abigail Barlow has announced that she and Emily are continuing to write new songs every day. A Bridgerton Musical might become a full-length project that could be picked up by a distributor! She’s confirmed that the music will stay loyal to the show (classical string instruments with a pop melody undertone). Yesterday, BBC television had Abigail and Emily on their show to talk about Bridgerton Musical. Abigail only posted the first Bridgerton Musical Tik Tok a little more than a week ago, but it has already caught the eyes of Netflix, BBC and Entertainment Tonight. Things are definitely looking up for these two brilliant creators. Playbill may pick up the idea as they did for Ratatouille the Musical, or it’ll be turned into a real stage performance once the pandemic is over. Everything is still in the works, but due to the popularity of the show Bridgerton and Tik Tok’s ability to create stars, the Bridgerton Musical will likely go considerably far.

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Elena is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production and a minor in Film Studies. She spends her free time "studying" movies and television and laughing at Tik Tok's at 3 AM. Currently, Elena hopes to do another Disney College Program after graduating and aspires to become a screenwriter and eventual producer.
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