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The rumors aren’t terrible or cruel, but honey most of them are true!

Exciting weekend for Swifties and football fans alike! While most people were still reeling from the huge Florida State win against Clemson on Sept. 23, I was a little more focused on a different football team. Now it’s no secret that I’m not really that into football, so you might be wondering what exactly caught my eye about the Kansas City Chiefs’ game on Sept. 24. While Travis Kelce isn’t exactly a cheer captain, there was definitely someone on the bleachers at Sunday’s game… Taylor Swift herself.

If you haven’t been keeping up with this story, this might be coming just completely out of the blue for you, so let’s get into a little background info. This summer on New Heights, a podcast that Kelce co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, he mentioned his friendship bracelet fiasco. In July, Travis “Mastermind” Kelce attended Swift’s Eras Tour at his home stadium, Arrowhead, with a friendship bracelet and a pipe dream. But it wasn’t just an ordinary friendship bracelet: this one had his number on it. (Side note: Please think about him going to a craft store and picking out number beads. Adorable. Moving on.) Unfortunately, Kelce left heartbroken with his own bracelet, not having had the chance to give it to her.

Who wouldn’t get swept up in a roman-tasy about Taylor Swift? The poor guy probably just moved on after though, right? Wrong! While it’s not clear exactly what happened leading up to this celebrity spotting, it’s clear that this man understands “How You Get the Girl.” While we all know that if a man drops her name, then she owes him nothing, this might be one case where a public declaration might have drawn Swift’s attention. 

Swift being spotted in the Kelce box at the stadium shocked fans on Sunday. In the past, both Swift and Kelce have made it very clear how important their moms are to them, so for fans to see Swift laughing with Kelce’s mom is so sweet. Maybe we’ll get a cute Mama Andrea and Kelce moment soon — fingers crossed!

Additionally, what was Kelce wearing to the pre-game walk-in to the stadium, and why was it important? To non-Swifties, Kelce’s pre-game outfit choice might not mean much, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that he’s just a walking Easter egg. The matching set he wore was the “1989 Bedroom Painting Set” from Kid Super Studios as an homage to Swift’s re-recording coming out on October 27.

Travlor’s getaway car for this night was a 1970 Chevrolet convertible. While it’s not a Range Rover or a Jaguar, it still seems we’ve come back around to “the boys with their expensive cars.” I would’ve gotten tired of riding around on a scooter too. With the pair driving off quite literally into the sunset, Kelce must be thinking this is one of his “Wildest Dreams.” While I can’t speak to what was said in the car that night, I’m thinking it was something along the lines of “Let’s get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowds.” Currently giggling and kicking my feet.

Taylor herself has said that “in your life, you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team,” but she’s DONE the dang thing — millions of records sold, countless awards, and sold-out stadium tours. If she wants to date the boy on the football team now, it’s not going to define her; her success speaks for itself. So, while football fans and Swifties alike are undoubtedly excited about this budding romance, I’d like to remind everyone to be respectful and understand that even though they are celebrities, they are people too. As invested as we may be, this isn’t our relationship.

If you catch me watching football now, no you didn’t. If mother says we like football… we like football.

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