Breaking News: Adulthood is a Myth

Adulthood is a Myth was created by comic artist Sarah Andersen who runs the popular web comic Sarah’s Scribbles. This hilarious collection is included in the Her Campus Survival Kit for Fall 2016 to help collegiettes all over the nation navigate the strange world that is adulthood and to laugh in the process.

If you know me at all, or follow me on any form of social media, you know that I am constantly sharing Sarah’s Scribbles comic strips. The almost-too-true-it-hurts style of the content is what sends me into hysterics on the third floor of Strozier library (I am really sorry, but now at least know who to blame) every time, without fail.

I had been following the comic strip through Facebook and Tumblr for about a year when I learned that the artist, Sarah Andersen, would be releasing a book. Three minutes later it was in my Amazon shopping cart on pre-order.

I got it on March 14th - proof of how excited I was is below:

Courtesy: Skyler Evans


I read the entire book, felt-lined cover to felt-lined cover, in one afternoon. The hour or so in which I read was punctuated with each of my roommates wandering into our living room to see why I was simultaneously laughing and crying at the same time.

Did I laugh so hard I cried or was it that I was so ashamed of seeing myself portrayed in every single comic strip that I cried and then laughed because of how ridiculous that makes me sound? Neither I nor the world will ever know!*

*It was totally the second one.

Sarah Andersen has a way of doing that, though. The character in her comics is essentially all of us: when we are raging on our periods, or dealing with stress, or attempting to do everyday things like making friends as an adult, dating, leaving the house because you actually have to so the friends that you’ve made and the person you are now dating don’t think that you’re dead – you know, the normal stuff.

Sarah’s character and her side-kick bunny are navigating the strange world of adulthood (?) just like the rest of us, but in doing so they are finding out that adulthood is nothing like they thought it would be. Being an adult involves a lot of decisions and work and boring tasks, but Sarah’s comic makes us laugh at the everyday.

Courtesy: Sarah’s Scribbles  


Even more so than making us laugh, the book invokes the sense that we aren’t alone in our struggles with adulthood. We are all procrastinating, stress-eating and being a little too enthusiastic about sweaters the second the temperature is below seventy degrees.

Adulthood may be a myth, but the reality of what we struggle with everyday can be hilarious. Luckily, we have Sarah Andersen to show us that.