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Breaking Down Harry Styles’ Trifecta Fit at the BRIT Awards 2020

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The BRIT Awards aired this past Tuesday, Feb. 18, and aside from Billie Eilish’s performance and Tyler, The Creator’s acceptance speech, all people are talking about is what Harry Styles wore (x3).

Styles’ first look, which he brought to the red carpet prior to the show, was none other than Gucci (down to his drawers). Although he is notorious for wearing Gucci to any event he attends, as he is the current face of Gucci Beauty’s Memoire Collection, Styles still manages to bring a unique energy to each piece. Gucci is known for their whimsical, gender-bending take on fashion, especially under the current direction of Alessandro Michele these past five years, so his choice of wearing a brown Gucci suit, with an embroidered double G collar, a purple wool sweater and a pair of mary janes was a neutral blend of Styles’ aesthetic. Of course, his outfit wouldn’t be complete without his signature pearl necklace touch. While this first look spoke to his aesthetic, it also spoke to a bigger message. On the left breast of his suit was a pinned black ribbon. This ribbon has been said to show awareness and condolence to late Love Island UK host and Styles’ alleged ex-girlfriend, Caroline Flack. Styles has commented on political and social issues in the past through his clothing and music, so it is no surprise he took this moment to honor her life and speak to a bigger issue.

For Styles’ second look, which he wore while performing his hit song “Falling,” was, of course, another Gucci look. Styles’ stylist, Harry Lambert, explained that they were waiting for the right moment for this Gucci lace jumpsuit and gloves look and have had it on hold for months. Lambert said, “When it was confirmed that Harry would be performing “Falling” for the first time at the Brit Awards, there was no question that this was the moment we had been waiting for.” Styles wore this lace jumpsuit and gloves (and of course, the pearl necklace) on stage while standing barefoot in a pool of water. This intimate and raw performance went seamlessly with this show-stopping yet vulnerable look.

Styles’ final look, worn for the duration of the show and to the Sony afterparty, was not a Gucci look but it still spoke to his non-conformist take on fashion. The Marc Jacobs yellow suit and purple ribbon, first seen on the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2020 runway, was completely out-of-the-box yet a classic Harry Styles look. Aside from the color palette, this outfit was such a standout piece because of its origin. The Marc Jacobs suit was originally a womenswear piece, but Styles’ genderless approach to fashion made it not feminine or masculine but just Harry Styles. Styles has recently worn several Marc Jacobs x Magda Archer pieces on behind-the-scenes pre-show clips and talk shows, making his choice to keep up his Marc Jacobs momentum a standout for the BRIT awards. He also paired the suit with a “Treat People With Kindness” pin, making another subtle statement that pays tribute to his signature message.

Whether it be in a band of five or as a solo artist, Harry Styles has always been a trendsetter in the fashion world. He creates his own rules and continues to leave his followers wondering what he will wear next. As invested as people have become in his music, they have maintained up to date on what and who he’s wearing. So, although he didn’t win a BRIT award this year, he did leave his mark in fashion history…three times.

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