Breaking Down the Dior Men’s 2020 Collection Show in Miami

Around this time of year, the first week of Dec., it is fair to assume that any celebrity in the Miami area is there for the sole purpose of making an appearance at Art Basel. But this past Tuesday, celebrities such as Bella Hadid, David Harbour, David Beckham, Travis Scott and Kim Kardashian were flooding into the sunshine state with one main intent: going to the Dior Men’s Fall 2020 Collection Fashion Show. 

This fashion show was only publicized on Dior’s social media a day before the event seemed to shake the media, and with good reason. The Dior Men’s Fall 2020 Collection (and fashion show) was made in collaboration with Shawn Stussy. Dior’s artistic director Kim Jones chose Stussy for the job because of his sense of artistry in the world of fashion. His creative take on culture, combining surfing and fashion in his brand, made him the perfect collaborator for this abstract collection. This creative collaboration represented through clothes but reflected by art was presented just in time with the season of Art Basel while taking place in the heart of Miami. The collaboration played with eccentric colors, new fashion trends, and iconic collaborations. 

Courtesy: Lifestyle Asia

The collection launch featured pieces such as bucket hats, the new saddlebags, oversized coats, sweaters, sneakers and more that all fit in seamlessly with the aesthetic of a high-end Miami lifestyle. The vision behind the collection is reflected through Stussy’s iconic wave print style and is present in the set design as well as the collection itself. Aside from Stussy’s signature artistic contributions, notes of Christian Dior’s design from 1947 are prevalent. As mentioned on the official Dior Instagram, Christian Dior’s design was meant to present “youth, vitality and the spirit of the new,” and was implemented during the post-war renaissance. This vision that seemingly started it all was reinvented and executed through Miami’s Art Deco accents and Stussy’s surfer style. 

Courtesy: HYPEBAE

Aside from the artistry behind the collection and show, there was one release in particular that kept every consumer talking the next day. The Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 were unveiled at the show and worn with a multitude of looks on the runway. This highly anticipated sneaker took a year in the making, crafted in Italy with Italian leather and hand-painted edges. The release of the shoe has been talked about by fashion moguls, celebrities, “sneakerheads” and everyday consumers. The sneaker can be described as simple but sleek, demonstrating the luxury associated with Dior. The launch of this collaboration at the Men’s Fall 2020 Show was the perfect time and place for an unveiling because it went with the street-style essence and complimented the youthful, vibrant approach to the new collection. 

Courtesy: @dior

Overall, it is fair to say that Dior’s first United States fashion show was able to exceed all expectations and nearly break the Internet. Having a fashion show outside of fashion week during one of the biggest weeks in the art world while in the heart of Miami was a recipe for success for Dior. They were able to use multiple collaborations, major celebrity appearances, and Miami’s unique culture to create an event for not only attendants, but anyone with a social media account. Kim Jones and Shawn Stussy not only created a collection and show, but they created art in the form of fashion. 

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