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Boston, We Love You


If you are reading this then more than likely you have already heard about the events that have taken place in Boston and Texas this past week. IT is a sad time and a time full of fear. After 9/11, most of us thought that the war on terrorism would diminish. This attitude was even more fortified after President Obama declared that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Americans were thrilled and optimistic about the future, finally the ten-year war is over and our troops are coming home. However, the demon behind that devastating event has haunted us once more with the bombing that took place on Monday during the Boston Marathon. To think that to Russian brothers at 26 and 19 could be capable of such horrendous actions is almost reprehensible.

What is even more devastating is the number of bystanders who were wounded by the explosion, many of them children. It isn’t fair; these acts of terrorism are not fair. It is not right to ask current collegiate to prepare their lives and possibly their future children for a world this corrupt. It was horrible enough when the Newtown shootings happened, that shooters actions shook me to my core. This cannot be asked of America; it cannot be asked that we prepare ourselves for a world full of undercover terrorists and anti-Americans.  This past week has been shocking and HerCampus FSU, and hopefully the nation, has not forgotten those who were affected by the Texas explosion. It is sad that these events happen and that more than 170 individuals were harmed in addition to the damages to their homes and place of business. We are holding the city, the families and individuals affected by these events in prayer and hope that they are comforted in their time of difficulty.

As always in a time of distress, America has shown its true colors by unifying together to support those affected. Locally, Tallahassee is holding a marathon in support of Boston, celebrities such as Conan O’Brien, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon who are originally from Boston, have poured out their love and support for the beautiful city. It has been especially difficult for me since I just came from Boston the previous week and the blast took place so close to where my group and I were located. A tremendous amount of support has been shown towards the city and currently towards Texas as well through donations, letters of support and shout out via social media. This is real, this is where we are right now, and this is our history in the making. I am exhausted and deeply moved by these chains of actions and pray for countries and cities that are plotted against for future attacks. The London marathon is to take place this week and they have been placed on watch; there has been some sort of bomb threat on L.A. as well, but the city of angels is in everybody’s prayers.

Boston, we love you. Texas, we love you. America, we love you. You are in our thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and forever. 

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