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This year has been the year of changes no one saw coming. As the year comes to an end, there’s one more event to get through—the holidays. With the holiday season coming fast, people will be scrambling for deals. Each year, people get ready for Black Friday to get deals on expensive items as they go on sale for a short amount of time. But due to the pandemic, places have limited space and social distancing and masks are still required. To avoid the risk of going through seas of people on Black Friday and raising the risk of infection, companies decided to change up the normal Black Friday shopping routine. Instead of having people coming into stores for sales, the deals are coming to them.

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Instead of waiting until Thanksgiving Day to have their limited sales, stores are running sales all month long. These sales will be in store as well as online. This will give people more time and variety when they go bargain hunting. Stores have been encouraging customers to shop online instead and are trying to find safer ways for their customers to shop. So for those who can’t risk getting infected, they will still have an opportunity to do some holiday shopping. But for those who like to shop in person, they have a whole month to hunt down the best deals.

Now people don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to save big on in-store sales. According to Forbes, stores are trying to compete with Amazon Prime Day since it was in October this year instead of July. Amazon also has a “Holiday Dash” sale that will continue until Nov. 19. These early sales will encourage people to get their holiday shopping done early instead of rushing to the stores at the last minute. So, if you are looking for specific items, make sure you keep an eye out for deals. 

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According to Syracuse.com, most retail stores are planning to be closed on Thanksgiving due to coronavirus. Stores started announcing they are closing their doors after Walmart decided to not open on Thanksgiving day. On blackfriday.com, it is even mentioned how Walmart positioned its decision as a thank-you to its employees, with the press release stating, “We know this has been a trying year, and our associates have stepped up.” With the way the pandemic has put a strain on everyone this year, employers decided to show their employees their appreciation as well.

Even though this year has been different from what we expected, companies are doing their best to make sure we can still enjoy our holiday season. Companies have deals that will start at the beginning of November. Walmart has an event called “Black Friday Deals For Days” that will begin on Nov. 4. This is the first time Black Friday Deals are all month long. Stores are giving sneak peeks at deals to get customers excited this holiday season. Best Buy is selling Beats by Dre for $169, which is 43 percent off the original price.

Even though this year won’t be the same experience of camping out in front of stores and running through the mall to get that item on your list, you can still get what you need. Now, you can compare prices on multiple sites and search the web for the best deals. But don’t forget to keep your information protected from potential scammers and make sure you are fast when buying highly desired products.   

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