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The Best Restaurants in LA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

We’re back with another themed week on the site: Travel Week. This semester, Her Campus FSU has created themed weeks dedicated to exclusive content we believe all of our readers should have access to. Keep up on the site for the next few days as we cover everything from the best places you need to roadtrip to before you graduate to the top eats across the pond (that’s London town, for those of you who haven’t brushed up on your British). We promise we’ll leave you wanderlusting for more. After all, summer vacation is just a few weeks away! 

Whether you are in the city searching for stars or fame, or just to hit the beach and waves, Los Angeles is a popular destination for tourists, budding artists, and college students alike. But this list is not for tourists! Yes, we do have In N Out. I am a firm believer in “animal style” fries, and shout out to Drake for putting NoBu on the map, but LA also has tons of other awesome eateries worth checking out. With a few hole in the wall picks and world renowned essentials, this is the best of the best on the west coast. So take a seat, grab a pen and of course some organic pressed juice (because what’s a true Angelino without her juice), and make note to try out some of these hella good eats on my list of some of the best restaurants in LA.



Courtesy: LA Eater

An LA classic, Panns has by far my favorite breakfast menu. In business for the past fifty-six years, I personally credit their success to their Good Morning Special and other breakfast specialties. Whether it’s Uncle Bud’s Mississippi Cheese Eggs, Greek omelets, or my personal favorite…buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream, you will leave Panns with a full stomach and a smile.

The Griddle Café

Courtesy: 10 Best

Located right on Sunset Blvd, the Griddle Café is home to Hollywood locals and visitors alike. If you are looking for oversized, fresh and hot off the griddle hotcakes then this is the place for you. “Scotch on the Rocks,” “A Time to Love,” and “Eyes Wide Open,” yes these are all names of the sweet and savory pancake varieties The Griddle Café has on the menu. You can even purchase their Red Velvet Pancake mix- need I say more?


Tito’s Tacos

Courtesy: The Front Page Online

“The only thing better than Titos Tacos, is Two!” If you are an LA native, you’ll remember this catchy jingle. Titos is my go-to spot for inexpensive, but fresh and easy, authentic Mexican food. Made fresh everyday, their tacos, burritos, tostadas and enchiladas are sure to please. Tito’s Tacos has been in business since 1959 and you will still find long lines standing waiting outside. They were selected number one by the Daily Meal on their list of “America’s Best Burritos for 2015,” so I’m sure you can guess my recommendation here: bean and cheese burrito with a side of chips and salsa, and yes, even here the guac is extra.


Courtesy: Ventura Blvd

Cafeteria style, Lemonade serves up fresh and seasonal ingredients in a simple way: avocado Pine-nut salad, Ahi tuna sandwich’s and even and BBQ brisket. They also serve a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. Of course their lemonade is also iconic; I recommended the cucumber mint! Make sure not to leave this without a slice of their red velvet cake to-go.

Johnnie’s Pastrami

Courtesy: Confessions of a Fat Girl

Johnnie’s came on the scene in 1952, and their retro décor and world class pastrami dip sandwiches are sure to please. Located in Culver City, you’ll be just miles away from Sony Studies, but this Southern California landmark is more than just location, location, location. They are pastrami, corned beef and burger connoisseurs, so I would recommend Johnnies Famous French Dip, Half Hot Pastrami sandwich with Swiss cheese on rye, and don’t forget the pickles! You won’t be disappointed!

Urth Caffe

Courtesy: Entourage Tour

Gaining more and more insta-fame, you might recognize Urth Caffee. They specialize in organic coffee and teas. Urth Cafee also has some great sandwiches and salads too! Try out the Urth Salad or Butternut Squash and Ricotta Pizza, but if you are in the mood for something sweet look for the Urth Match Tiramisu.


Courtesy: Dine Delish

Mom and Pop style hotdog stand, Pinks is famous for- you guessed it- hotdogs and hamburgers, which are all at a reasonable prince. Pinks is a Hollywood legend, and from clientele like Bobby Flay, Jay Leno and the late Michael Jackson what other reason do you need to check out this LA legend? Pinks has been acclaimed on a variety of lists as having the top hotdogs in the country.


Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

Courtesy: Soul of America

President Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, and the list continues. No account of notable restaurants in LA is complete without mentioning Scoes.’ If you are looking for good comfort food, then look no further. With locations in Hollywood, Anaheim, Pasadena, Long Beach to Inglewood, this small chain of a soul food mecca is popular all over SoCal. My pick on the menu? Herb’s Special of fried chicken, two waffles and a Sunrise, lemonade and fruit punch.

El Cholos

Courtesy: 10 Best

I could have hour long conversations about all the best authentic Mexican restaurants in LA because there is entirely too many, but in my top ten is definitely El Cholos. I love the family atmosphere and quality dishes. Try their Santa Barbara enchiladas for a fun twist on the traditional favorite, or their green corn tamales, which are only available from May to October.

Harold and Belles

Courtesy: LA Weekly

Located near the University of Southern California, Harold and Belles specializes in Creole Cuisine. Pleasing customers all over the globe since 1967, Harold and Belles is the ideal place for a nice hot bowl of Gumbo or a Po’Boy Sammy. Their menu is a mix of Spanish, African, West Indian and Native American flavors and just a side note, their peach cobbler is to die for! Fun Fact about this place: my father actually use to bartend here back in the day! 

California native, Kaylah Jackson is currently a senior at Florida State University where she is majoring in Editing, Writing and Media. Her passion for sports, women's health and social issues coupled with her love for writing inspires her to pursue a career in television journalism. Make sure to keep an eye out for her on a national news network in the coming years! When she isn't brainstorming for her next story idea, Kaylah enjoys working out, binge watching The Office and attempting to get her friends to incorporate kale and avocado into their daily source of nutrition.
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