The Best Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Tallahassee

As a busy college student, coffee is one of the primary food groups. Caffeine fuels our daily activities and pushes us to do anything from studying to partying. Without it, many of us simply would not be able to function. But sometimes the Dirac Starbucks simply doesn’t cut it. 

As an out-of-state student, moving to Tallahassee was especially difficult for me. I had gotten incredibly accustomed to the coffee chains of my New England hometown, so much that I found it very hard to leave them. There was a little part of me that wondered if I’d be able to find coffee places I liked in Tallahassee, ones that I could make an expensive habit out of. Lucky for me, there are plenty of unique, independent coffee shops to choose from surrounding Florida State’s campus. Whether you like coffee, tea or anything else on the menu, keep reading to get some insider tips on where to order your daily kick. 

RedEye Coffee - Midtown

Located in the Manor at Midtown, RedEye Coffee is the perfect place to stop if you’re looking for somewhere to study. Their quaint space has a rustic feel, with tables facing out to a massive wall of windows for the best possible light. On top of that, their drinks are absolutely delicious. RedEye does a variety of more unique coffee drinks, and they ethically source all of their coffee, so you know you’re spending your dollar in a positive way.

Lucky Goat Coffee - Capital Circle 


Courtesy: Lucky Goat Coffee

While Lucky Goat is a larger chain, the Capital Circle cafe is their flagship store. This novelty provides a kind of homey feeling and is the perfect cafe to hang out and chat with friends. Many would argue that Lucky Goat has the best coffee in Tallahassee, and I wouldn’t be quick to disagree. One thing to definitely try out is their cold brew, which is perfect if you’re pulling an all-nighter at Strozier.

Catalina Cafe - W. Gaines Street

Gaines Street is a very central location to many students living off-campus, and you’re probably already familiar with this quaint cafe if you live anywhere near Doak. Catalina has a sunny little patio if you want to sit outside, as well as some small tables inside for those who want a quieter study environment. Like RedEye, Catalina Cafe serves coffee that’s ethically sourced, and with it they create a variety of delicious drinks. 

Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar - Railroad Ave

Courtesy: Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar 

The atmosphere in this cafe is not to be missed. Minimalist, cactus-adorned interior design will make you feel totally zen, and their concise drink menu won’t overwhelm you. Serenity has the kind of quiet charm that makes you keep coming back and is one of the best places to study if you really need to chill. 

It can be really hard to find your own routine in school, but for me, finding the right coffee shop was one of the big steps to help me maneuver stressful days. Sometimes a cup of coffee can literally fix anything. 

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