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Best Artistic Accounts on Instagram

A solid chunk of the people I follow on Instagram, I have never met. While I do love seeing my old high school friends thriving at their respective colleges, I also like to follow aesthetics and art accounts. The aesthetic accounts post photos of art and tag the artist, while the art accounts are the individual artists’ created work. These accounts allow people to interact with the artists as well as allowing followers to have easy access to new pieces. Below are my personal top favorite accounts.

1. love.watts

Followers: 1.6M

Type: Aesthetic

Created by Aureta and Jordan Watson this popular art account features posts from both the creators as well as other artists. The themes of the post vary with artists and is a great source to get a broad sense of the trending art on Instagram.


2. taxcollection

Followers: 490k

Type: Aesthetic

This account also features a plethora of different artists. As the bio says, it is “a platform dedicated to artists, galleries, and creatives.” The goal of the account is to “foster communication and collaboration between artists and audiences.” I personally like this account because they post almost at least one piece an hour a day which allows me to see a surplus of works.


3. lizzie_darden 

Followers: 115k

Type: Art

Lizzie Darden is a photographer whose Instagram shows off her talent and her personality through her images. I love the pink vibe to her account and her holiday-themed posts.


4. dan_cretu

Followers: 209k

Type: Art

Dan Cretu takes a more satirical approach to his work. My personal favorites are when he takes an old classical piece and makes it new by combining it with an idea or an icon from modern times.


5. heidi.annalie.art

Followers: 124k

Type: Art

Heidi Annalie paints the beautiful outdoors in a unique way. All her tins are available on her Etsy.


6. pasteinplace_

Followers: 19.4k

Type: Art

While the account is currently shifted to the right by one post, this account usually posts 3 or more pictures at a time, so when you look at the account’s profile you see a bigger image. Their ability to manipulate Instagram’s boxes is truly clever.

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