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Beginner's Guide to Sticker Art

There is nothing like being in the library and seeing someone sitting at a table with the coolest stickers on their computer. Laptop sticker art is so satisfying, but it can be really hard to make sure you get the right feng shui. How many stickers should there be? When is it too much? Where should they be placed? Can I overlap them? Well, worry no more. I am here to help.

Not to brag, but my laptop has got it going on with stickers. Now it definitely helps that I’ve been collecting stickers for a while. I have a weird knack for finding stickers on the street, and I always pick them up (or pull them off of streetlights in Paris like this cute little lady sticker) and keep them for my laptop or other sticker projects. But even if you don’t collect, the task is not as daunting as it might seem. Sticker Art Minnah Stein For me, the most helpful thing has been seeking inspiration from Pinterest. Because the first step in creating amazing laptop sticker art is deciding what you want your aesthetic to be. Do you want all of your stickers to be in the same color family? Maybe you want to go for more of an organized chaos look. But no matter what aesthetic you decide you want to go for, Pinterest can be a great place to start looking for ideas.

After you decide the look you are going for, the next step is to choose the stickers. I found REDBUBBLE to be incredibly helpful because they have a huge array of stickers, and sometimes just scrolling through the stickers not looking for anything specific can give you inspiration. Ban.dō is another great resource for stickers. They have sticker books with pages and pages of all kinds of cute aesthetic stickers. So, if you’re looking for a way to get stickers going on your laptop without having to worry about whether or not the stickers match, ban.dō is a good place to start.

When it comes to actually putting the stickers on your laptop, my rule is: more is more. There’s nothing worse than someone’s laptop having two small stickers awkwardly on their computer. Alternately, you can go minimalist, and put one large sticker in the middle of your case. Don’t be afraid to layer your stickers a little. When you have stickers that are all different shapes and sizes, it can look nice to have them a little layered so that you can fit more on. Angling the stickers can also be a nice touch to add some more visual appeal, not all the stickers need to be on your computer exactly like they were printed. sticker art Minnah Stein

The other thing to keep in mind is real estate. Your computer doesn’t just have a front, it also has a keyboard. If you have more stickers than you want to put on the outside of your computer, why not put them all over the inside?! The keyboard is often a neglected real estate. There are lots of fun keyboard covers out there that can complement your stickers. But whether you are putting stickers on the inside or the outside of your computer, it is all about balance. Make sure when you put your stickers on your laptop, they aren’t all on one side. Be sure to spread them out so you cover as much real estate as possible. sticker art Minnah Stein It’s about time that we all become that cool person in the library with the aesthetic laptop that inspires envy.

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