Become the Dancing Queen with the ASLC!

If you have never heard of the movie, Mamma Mia! is a romantic comedy that was released in 2008. The movie features some of the most popular songs of ABBA, so good luck not singing along the entire time. 

The scene is set on a Greek island and introduces a mother, Donna, and daughter, Sophie, who live in and own the hotel on the island. Sophie, who is young and filled with happy family dreams, is soon to be married to Sky and desperately wants to be walked down the aisle by her birth father. She soon makes a discovery, after looking through her mother’s diary, that three possible men could be her father. With this discovery, she invites all three of Donna's past relationships to the wedding, without telling her. Donna also used to be in a girl group, called Donna and the Dynamos, with her friends, Rosie and Tanya. With the band back together on the island and all three possible fathers there as well, there are bound to be some complications. The movie is filled with romance, laughs, singing, dancing and excitement. This is one you won't want to miss.

Courtesy: 87naweb

As I had mentioned, Mamma Mia features a lot of music from the band ABBA. This is because the movie is meant to be adapted from a musical completely based around the music from the band. The musical began when Judy Craymer, theatre producer, discovered ABBA and saw the great potential in their music. Craymer then found Catherine Johnson, who became the creative writing behind the book and Phyllida Lloyd who became the director. The first musical premiered in London back in 1999 and did not find its way to the United States until 2000, when it played in San Francisco, California. According to Music Theatre InternationalMamma Mia! the musical has performed in more than 40 countries and across 5 continents. 

Courtesy: Mamma Mia! London

When released in 2008 as a movie, Mamma Mia! became the fifth highest-grossing film of the year. A movie with this much demand and support, of course, had to come out with a sequel. The sequel features many of the same cast from the original. This includes Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan! 

Courtesy: Universal Pictures

I highly suggest watching the original trailer for the 2008 movie and getting excited to see the full movie! Not only will you be able to catch the movie for free (with your FSU ID), but you can also come 30 minutes early for some pre-show karaoke. It can be hard to resist singing along to all the ABBA songs, so why not come a little early and get it out then? Or just sing during the movie, I have a feeling a lot of people will be doing the same. 

You can find this karaoke session and movie playing at the ASLC on campus. The show will be taking place on Friday, November 8. To partake in the pre-show karaoke be there at 11:30 pm, and if you plan on going just for the movie it will begin at midnight.


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