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Going into this week, fans were feeling the pressure of dwindling numbers almost as much as the remaining ladies were. We’re down to the last week before Hometowns, and that means anyone who survives this week must be a serious contender for Colton’s heart. You don’t introduce yourself to just anyone’s family unless you’re serious about them! I might even venture as far as to say that Hometowns are even more important than Fantasy Suites. In the past, it has seemed like Bachelors/Bachelorettes had their sights set far before the doors to fantasy suites were being locked! Unfortunately, Colton’s Hometown visit picking was interrupted by a little more drama!

Last week, Tayshia was blunt when it came to how she felt about the rest of the contestants. In the last few minutes of the episode, she’s heard telling Kirpa that she thinks it’s going to be the two of them at the end. She got the first one-on-one card of last night’s episode and her number one goal was to make sure she secured her spot for hometowns, and that other ladies didn’t make it past another rose ceremony! When Colton questioned her about who she thought Katie, Demi, and Sydney meant when they said some girls were not ready for marriage, Tayshia threw Cassie and Caelynn under the bus with no hesitation. It was obvious that Colton was distraught; not only are these two girls that he’s felt instant connections with, they’re also two of the season’s front runners for Bachelor Nation. The rest of their date was upstaged by Colton’s confessionals cutting in with his concerns about moving forward without being sure of everyone’s intentions and feelings. She got a rose at the end of the date, meaning she’s definitely headed to Hometowns, but her ability to throw two supposed friends under the bus left a lot of people in Bachelor Nation unwilling to root for her moving forward.

Colton gave the second one-on-one to Caelynn, and it’s no surprise that his top priority was addressing the rumors he heard. At the top of a good old snowy mountain, Colton let Caelynn know what Tayshia told him about her. It’s crystal clear that Colton has feelings for her, or else at this point in the process, he might have just sent her packing at the first drop of her name. Caelynn was shocked to hear that anyone was saying anything about her, especially after she steered clear of any drama following the initial conflict with Alabama Hannah. Her reassuring Colton that she was falling in love with him and beyond ready for marriage was enough to calm him down, and he knew deep in his heart what felt right. He gave her a rose at the end of their date, sending her straight to Hometowns and back to the house to confront Tayshia! Caelynn was all class asking Tayshia why she would go out of her way to make rumors up about her and Tayshia wasn’t having any of it. She insisted she wasn’t lying to Colton about anything and was dismissive about anything else Caelynn had to say. It was obvious that Tayshia felt very secure in her spot in the house and with her rose to hometowns; she did say that she felt she was going to the final two after all!

Colton gave the third one-on-one date card to Hannah B. and he took her straight home to meet his parents! Surely, if he took her home to his parents he has to be serious about her right? We should know better than to have any expectations with this show by now. Despite introducing Hannah to his parents and having a great talk with his dad, he seemed not to be as deeply invested in Hannah as she was with him. Hannah could tell something was off with him, but he saved the bomb he wanted to drop until dinner. After asking Hannah what made her think that she was ready for marriage, Colton let her know he didn’t think he could get to that point with her.

Now here comes the frustrating part for all of us in Bachelor Nation. Hannah might have had a crazy side to her, but she is one of only a handful of ladies who have been open about already being in love with him. Now, how honest the girls are when they say that to him, we don’t know, but he’s been asking everyone to be as open and honest with him as possible and then sends someone home who has been exactly that! You can’t force chemistry, but why keep other girls around whose feelings you can’t gage and send home girls that are as upfront as Hannah? We just don’t get it!

When the group date came around, we expected some Kirpa and Cassie tension. What we didn’t expect was Heather sending herself home within the first five minutes because she didn’t feel ready for Colton to meet her family. This was probably best for everybody involved; if she didn’t feel comfortable with him meeting her family she definitely wasn’t going to feel comfortable getting engaged! This left Hannah G. to awkwardly watch Kirpa and Cassie hash it out. As expected we didn’t even get to see Hannah spending some time with Colton on the group date, but that didn’t stop her from being the first to receive a rose at the end of the night. Colton not only gave her the first rose, but he also sent her back to the house to be with Tayshia and Caelynn and left all of us holding our breath for the awkward two-on-one with Kirpa and Cassie. He decided to go and have a chat with Kirpa first and to be honest, I was sure he was sending Cassie packing. Caelynn wasn’t going to let any friend of hers go home over fake rumors, and she strutted right up to the awkward dinner to speak to Colton herself. They didn’t let us see what she said, but it was enough for him to give the last rose to Cassie. Guess Tayshia is going to have to reevaluate her final two predictions!

We couldn’t help but smirk a little about the whole night, seeing as Kirpa was so sure that Colton believed her and felt good about them. Like we said earlier you just can’t fake or force chemistry! It’s safe to say that at this point, not a lot of Bachelor Nation is left supporting Tayshia for her seemingly mean antics. Cassie seems to be a lot of people’s front runner to take the engagement at the end of all of this, along with her BFF in the house Caelynn. Despite Hannah G. getting the first impression rose many moons ago, the editing of the show has done a lot to fade her into the back of people’s minds while it focused on the drama. What do you think? Are you rooting for Cassie? Do you think Tayshia was right about her making it to the end? Tune in to ABC next Monday at 8 PM to be one step closer to all the answers!

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