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On Monday we were down to the last four girls on The Bachelor and I, for one, was READY to watch Colton have awkward encounters with skeptical Dads. Colton might be saying he’s falling in love with all four of these girls but do we believe him? Absolutely not! He can only propose to one girl in the end anyway—we’re looking at you Arie. Seeing as we hadn’t yet gotten the fence jump, and as things are really getting down to the wire serious here, we knew it was going to be a wild night for Bachelor Nation. To get you ready for fast approaching fantasy suites, here’s a recap of the night as told by Bachelor Nation Memes. First up, we had Caelynn’s hometown of Virginia. Right from the start, we were all confused. Did you know you don’t have to be a resident of the state you represent in State Pageants or Miss USA? Yeah, us either. 

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We don’t want to be rude to the historic state of Virginia, but god there was just so little to see! So little, in fact, Caelynn was pointing out her pediatrician’s office on the very extra carriage ride around town. HER PEDIATRICIAN. We got over it as we watched them go on a cute little ice cream date to butter up Colton for the awkward encounter with her family. When they arrived at Caelynn’s house, her sister was the first to steal her away for a little chit chat and she was very obviously hesitant to give Colton her stamp of approval. The same hesitation came up in Caleynn’s conversation with her step-dad, John. This was the TRUE highlight of the whole episode, as we watched the two have a heartwarming moment over Caelynn telling him that he has been her father figure her whole life and an example of what a family man really is. We MIGHT have been clutching some tissues the whole time, but we tossed them aside quick to cackle at his suggestion that the relationship they described was just a friendship, and that they could just build a friendship. They were just talking about having kids together, John!

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Despite the inclination that the relationship wasn’t much of a relationship, Colton still had a pretty telling talk with John.  John let him know that he had some reservations about the whole thing, but that they raised her right and knew she was making the best decision for herself. He gave Colton his blessing to propose to Caelynn if, in the end, he felt it in his heart to choose her.


Second in line, we had Hannah G. from Alabama. If we thought that the first impressions of Virginia were bad, Hannah’s planned etiquette class for Colton had us WISHING we were at her pediatrician. You heard that right folks, she took Colton to an etiquette class to prepare him to meet her family. The only thing he got out of that was learning to pull her chair out for her, which admittedly, her family loved, but Bachelor Nation was over it!

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Hannah’s friends all liked Colton but as was expected everyone had reservations about him possibly proposing soon when he was dating three other girls still. Hannah expressed to her friends and her mom just how in love she really was with Colton, and just like Caelynn and her step-dad, we were all crying at the mother-daughter relationship. Hannah’s dad had a pretty standard talk with Colton, asking him what his intentions were, and thinking it was big of him to ask for his permission to propose to her. It was an okay hometown date to watch after the snoozefest of the etiquette class was over, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind if Hannah G. was proposed to at the end of all this.


Colton flew right on over to California next to see Tayshia and meet her family. Tayshia has been a little problematic in the last couple of episodes, and although we weren’t necessarily looking forward to her being especially cocky about her chances with him, we were looking forward to seeing her dad give Colton a tough time. Tayshia took Colton skydiving, in which he absolutely lost his sh*t at having to jump out of a plane (we already knew that heights weren’t his thing after he went bungee jumping with her). It was an outgoing and cute date for them, but Bachelor Nation had other things on their minds…

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Later in the day, Colton made his way over to Tayshia’s home, and well, the tension was there from the start. We expected some more reservation from Tayshia’s dad than from the other ladies’ dads because Tayshia is divorced, but what we didn’t expect was him not being willing to give Colton his blessing in their one-on-one convo. Tayshia’s dad later sat down with Tayshia herself to see how she was feeling about everything. She was very clear that despite one divorce, she felt ready to jump into another engagement because Colton was so genuine and close to his family. He wasn’t too keen on all that Tayshia was saying, telling her that it would be really easy for him to make himself seem like that when none of the girls on the show ever get to see him outside of the show unless there’s an engagement. We really thought the tea would be hot on this hometown with Tayshia’s dad not giving his blessing AND questioning his ingenuity, but after his talk with Tayshia, he was more willing to give Colton a green light to propose to Tayshia. Let’s not forget his wise words of wisdom earlier in the night though: “You can’t microwave a relationship!”

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Also in California was Cassie’s family, and Bachelor Nation’s little baby angel front runner Cassie was so happy to see Colton! She decided to spend the day teaching him to surf, something that she apparently does a lot in her hometown of Huntington Beach. We thought that with his NFL background Colton might catch on quick, but he really is full of surprises. He can’t stop falling for Cassie or off his surfboard!

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When they shifted the hometown date over to her parent’s house, her whole family was bursting with excitement to finally see her again. We have to admit that it was cute as heck, and her sister pulling her aside and bursting into tears over hoping that Cassie gets everything she deserves was just too much for our already fragile hearts. Cassie’s dad was as hesitant as Tayshia’s dad, but more from a protective father stance and not from a “We’ve been down this road before” position. Cassie and her dad had an alright conversation in which Cassie felt like he wasn’t trusting her instinct enough. As much as Cassie feels that she has something real with Colton, she hasn’t told Colton that she loves him, and it looks like her dad caught the vibe. He was the only father of the night not to give Colton his permission to eventually get engaged to his daughter if it comes down to it after fantasy suites.

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At the end of the night, we got a very short rose ceremony and we were all sure Cassie would be going home after not being able to say I love you this far into the process. Can’t assume anything on this show! Caelynn was not given a rose at the ceremony, and she actually told Cassie that she loved her, and to go get engaged. Odd thing to say to someone after you’ve just had your heart broken by the same guy, don’t you think? She broke down crying in her conversation with Colton, and then she cried her whole limo ride home. People are saying her speech through her tears was the PERFECT set up to be Bachelorette or a Bachelor in paradise contestant…what do you guys think?

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Next week’s teaser for fantasy suites looks like it’s going to get MESSY! Not only are we getting a two night special of the fantasy suites AND the Women Tell All, but we’re finally getting that fence jump! What would possibly make Colton jump a fence this far into the season, on fantasy suites no less? Tune in next Monday and Tuesday at 8 P.M. on ABC to find out!

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