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This week has been one of the most predictable weeks for Bachelor Nation. After finally getting the Colton fence jump we all deserved last week, we all knew Cassie was the woman for this Bachelor. Season 23 has been THE season of girls sending themselves home after feeling intimidated by the process, or unable to fall in love with someone dating so many other girls. So why was this break up so different from all the rest? Well, from the very start of the season a lot of the girls noticed the chemistry Colton and Cassie had was undeniable, and that it took little more than a look in the eyes to send them both beaming. The suspicions all the girls were feeling about it turned out to be true, as Colton admitted he wanted her to be the one standing at the end of this all- and he made sure his actions matched what he was saying. The next day, as hard as it was for everybody involved, Colton went first to Tayshia and then to Hannah G. and broke off their extremely serious relationships. Colton cried, the ladies cried, and as we all watched the live portion of the show, it was clear to see there were still unresolved feelings for both of them.

The next day, we got to watch Colton try and get a second chance with the girl he was in love with. Colton reiterated exactly what he had the night before about wanting it to be her at the end of this whether there was an engagement or not, and telling her that there was no other girl left. If she had any doubts about their relationship before, they all disappeared the second he told her she was the only one left. She accepted his invitation to Spain to meet his family, and off they went scaling mountains to have a romantic picnic and facing some emotional conversations with Colton’s family. More than any of the reservations Cassie has felt with Colton, her parents had all the reservations in the world about whether Cassie really felt anything for Colton to the extent he did for her.

After an emotionally exhausting afternoon with each other, Cassie and Colton excused themselves. They needed a little more time to themselves to truly process all the feelings, all the confusion and all the pressure that comes with being on this show this far in the season. We couldn’t sit still through the whole episode, because at the very back of our heads we were all just wondering if he was ever going to get his fantasy suite. Spoiler alert: he did, and no surprise here, he gave Cassie his v-card once and for all! But was that enough to keep their relationship strong since the show wrapped?

Colton and Cassie finally stepped out on stage and they are very much together! Since taping for the show ended Cassie has finally said the L-word, and better news yet, Colton moved all the way to California to be closer to Cassie. Colton refused to outwardly confirm all the suspicions of the age-old case of Colton’s virginity, but we all know that the hairstyle on night one was that of a reborn non-virgin. Finally, we got to ask OUR burning question: WHO is going to be the next Bachelorette?

Say hello again to none other than the woman, the myth, the legend, HANNAH BEAST. Miss Alabama Hannah might not have won Miss USA, but now we all get to watch her fall in love and possibly find herself a husband! We have to admit, it’ll be fun seeing her make her way through the season when she could barely get through a toast, especially given that she got to meet the first five men of her season!

Chris Harrison wanted to show Hannah B. just how much she could trust him to get her a forever man on this show, so he even let her give out a rose to the first five men of the night! Let’s just say that Hannah B. has a good feeling about rapping Cam, and we have a GREAT feeling about this next season. Tune in on May 13th for the first episode of Hannah B’s season!

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