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An “Avengers: Endgame” Update: Tickets, Trailers and More

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Do I really need to tell you that there are spoilers ahead?

The time has come for you to clear your schedule because the biggest blockbuster of the year releases in the next few weeks (Apr. 26, to be exact). With over 20 films in this franchise, Endgame will conclude the Avengers storyline, and according to the trailers and teasers, the end of the line for many of the characters that the audience has grown to love. For over a decade, this franchise has had a hold on so many teens and adults, and now Marvel has decided to just completely rock their worlds.

At the end of Infinity War, the movie prefacing this one, Thanos, the mutant Titan from outer space, snapped his fingers and turned half of the universe to dust, except a choice few. Before this movie aired, the Avengers franchise was mostly about the fight against Captain America and Iron Man. Now, the followers just want to make sure that all of their beloved characters are still alive. I’m sure that more than half of us, including me, have watched the trailers multiple times to see if any of our disintegrated heroes have made a comeback.

Before this blockbuster even releases, select AMC Theaters are showing a 59-hour Marvel movie marathon, just so everyone is caught up. Journalist Oliver Whitney with AV Club, states, “Starting on April 23, AMC will show all 22 MCU movies in a massive Marvel movie marathon that asks the true diehards to prove their fandom once and for all by sacrificing sleep and body hygiene.” AMC, and a few of their partner sites, also reported a major site crash when the Endgame tickets went on sale.

Courtesy: @AMCHelps Twitter

This movie hasn’t even released yet and fans are going absolutely wild, so much so that popular news sites, like USA Today and KTVQ, have released a list of who they think is going to survive. For USA Today, the top survivor is Black Panther (because why kill off the greatest one??), Captain Marvel (because she’s new and perfect), and Spider-Man (because Tom Holland has hinted at another Spidey movie). The top predicted deaths are Hawkeye (because he is MIA), Thor (couldn’t defeat Thanos before) and Captain America (because Chris Evans has already said his goodbyes). Although these are all just fan theories, a lot of them make sense and bring me to tears (throwback to me crying over Bucky Barnes’ death).

The two trailers released also haven’t given us much detail about what could possibly happen to these characters. Both trailers just add more questions to the mix. Will some resurrect? Will everyone die, and Marvel will start anew? The fanbase won’t know until that final Friday in April.

Very recently I have started to do some thinking: I honestly have decided to switch over to DC, and for your mental stability, you should too.

Nicole van der Sommen is a Junior studying Editing, Writing & Media at Florida State University. She loves taco nights with her friends and changes her hair color more than she changes shoes. She loves reading Harry Potter (for the billionth time) and to knit, often.
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