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Ava Pitchford On What It’s Like To Be a Florida State Volleyball Player

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Ava Pitchford, a sophomore, is a setter for the Florida State volleyball team from Atlanta, Georgia. She is rated as one of the Top 30 setters in the country. Being a student-athlete can sometimes seem overwhelming, but Pitchford enjoys every aspect. Pitchford started playing volleyball at 9 years old, first being coached by her mom.

Her Campus (HC): What interested you in volleyball?

Ava Pitchford (AP): I tried a couple of different sports like soccer and basketball but didn’t get into it as much. Some of my best friends started [volleyball] at the same time as me and we went to play club together.

HC: Why did you want to continue playing in college? Was this a hard decision to continue at a higher level?

AP: Being able to play in college was a great opportunity that provided me with a new environment. I was super excited that I was even receiving college interest, so I invested myself in the recruiting process with the help of my parents. Honestly, it wasn’t a hard decision for me because I had known I wanted to do it for a while.

HC: What is your favorite thing about being on the Florida State volleyball team?

AP: The girls on the team have 100% become some of my forever best friends. I am lucky enough to be able to live with five of them, and most of the other girls live right up the road.

HC: How does being a student-athlete affect your time in college?

AP: It has been tough trying to find time for everything, especially during the season. Keeping up with travel, practices and managing school can be challenging. To add on, trying to manage my social relationships is yet another thing that becomes difficult when being a student-athlete.

HC: What does a typical day in your life look like?

AP: A typical day for me starts with class followed by a walk to the athletic facilities where I receive treatment and eat with my teammates. After this, I head to the academic center to try and get some homework done before heading to Tully Gym for practice. After practice, I finally go home, shower and spend time with friends.

HC: What is your major and what do you plan to use it for?

AP: I am currently a Management Information Systems major, but I haven’t figured out exactly what I plan to do with this. I am leaning toward working in analytics and consulting.

HC: After college, do you want to continue playing volleyball in any capacity?

AP: After college, I will be done playing volleyball. If I ever can find time, I may coach a high school team but, I think that’s as close as I would get to playing again.

HC: What is your favorite memory so far being on the FSU volleyball team?

AP: My favorite memory from being on the team was playing Georgia Tech last year in Atlanta. It was my first-ever career start and the game was in front of a massive crowd including my family and some of my closest friends. It was such an exciting environment and getting to play with the rest of the class in such a big game was a surreal experience. We ended up taking a set off of them too!

HC: What are some pregame rituals you and your team have?

AP: Personally, I don’t have any but as a team, we dance to Cotton Eye Joe before every game.

The Florida State women’s volleyball team currently has a record of 15-8, winning 10 of these games at home.

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