Ashlynn Cetera: "DM has Changed my Life and It will Change Yours"

Name: Ashlynn Cetera

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

Major: International Affairs and Retail Management

Courtesy: Ashlynn Cetera

Delta Zeta’s Dance Marathon chair, Ashlynn Cetera, is sweet, spirited and 110 percent in love with Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a nationwide philanthropy supporting Children’s Miracle Network. Colleges and high schools from all over stand on their feet for 20 hours dancing, hanging out with your friends and listening to amazing stories from children who have been suffering from a terrible disease or illness. Those who participate have raised a significant amount of money for children in need and dance the night away in their honor. It is such an amazing experience everyone should at least go through twice.

Courtesy: Ashlynn Cetera

Her Campus (HC): When did you first participate in Dance Marathon? How was that experience?

Ashlynn Cetera (AC): I first participated in Dance Marathon as a freshman. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life because you actually saw how you were helping these kids and how much it means to them and their families.

HC: What makes you continue with Dance Marathon?

AC: I continue to do Dance Marathon for the kids (FTK). I know that sounds cliché but no child should have to spend their life in a hospital bed or have to go through some of the most painful and horrifying things that these kids go through. We take our health for granted but not everyone has that luxury.

HC: Why did you choose to have a leadership position in your sorority for Dance Marathon?

AC: I choose to have a leadership position for Dance Marathon for my sorority because I saw the potential Delta Zeta had to really do great things for Dance Marathon. I wanted to rally the whole entire chapter together for a cause that means so much for me. I wanted to bring everyone together to make waves for Children’s Miracle Network.

HC: What is your favorite memory about Dance Marathon?

AC: My favorite memory is when they cut the hospital band off you at the end because you get to feel how the kids feel the hospital on such a smaller level. You really see how Dance Marathon changes their lives and how Children’s Miracle Network and all of the money and equipment they donate gives these kids a chance at having a childhood.

Want to learn more and get involved more with Dance Marathon? Visit Florida State’s Dance Marathon website for all the information about the events, what exactly goes down at Dance Marathon and how much money Dance Marathon has made for Children’s Miracle Network. Want to donate? #FTK!