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Are You and Your Boyfriend Actually BFFs?

Greetings lovers! My name is Maria Jimenez. I am a junior at Florida State University who has been around the block more than a few times but is now in a great relationship and learning what love really is. I am here to answer all your questions and to give you the lowdown on hot new dorm flings, long distance relationships and how to master the walk of shame. Keep up with me for the best love, sex and relationship advice that Her Campus FSU has to offer.

There comes a time in any relationship when partners become a little too comfortable with each other. This doesn’t come from spending every day together though, it comes from opening up. Whether you were friends who started dating or lovers who built a friendship, there is nothing better than falling in love with your best friend. Here are some signs you and your boyfriend aren’t just dating but are also best friends.

You’re extremely competitive yet you share pretty much everything from blankets to fries to good news.

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You give each other the best advice and are always honest. No secrets, other than fun surprises, are left untold.

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You compare food babies after indulging a little too much but you also love cooking together.

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You have strange inside jokes and sing at the top of your lungs on road trips.

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Not only do you know what to order for each other at a restaurant but you also pick out each other’s clothes and constantly ask the other what to wear.

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You share the gross things with them because it’s never awkward (and girls poop too).

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You brag about each other every day and tease one another just as much.

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Every Snapchat is fair game for a screenshot and you both look super cute with matching dog filters.

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They annoy you and push your buttons but you love them anyway and wouldn’t trade them for anything or anyone else.

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