Anneliese Muller: Life as a Marching Chief, SGA Member and Legislative Aid

Name: Anneliese Muller

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Vero Beach, Florida

Major: Media Communications Studies

Her Campus (HC): You’re finishing up your freshman year at FSU. What was it that made you want to be a Nole?

Anneliese Muller (AM): The sense of family and unity I always felt around campus. I was really hoping for a place big on school spirit and I could not have been more right in choosing FSU for this reason alone. Going to football games every week and the hype leading up to football season is something I've never experienced at any other campus. Especially being a part of the Marching Chiefs, I really got to experience the hype around football and I definitely wouldn't be as passionate about FSU if I hadn't done Chiefs. Being in Doak, whether it's at a noon game or at a crazy game going until midnight, everyone belongs.

HC: What’s it like to be a member of the world renowned Marching Chiefs?

AM: Being a member of the Marching Chiefs is something I really pride myself on. I don't feel like I'm just another fan walking into the stadium and it's really cool because everyone knows who you are when you're wearing the uniform. There's an incredible feeling of family in the Chiefs because we're all there for music and for the Noles. It's pretty cool to think that there are over 420 students that have the same passion and love for music as I do, and coming in as a freshman, that was really important to me.

HC: What is one of your favorite memories as a Marching Chief?

AM: Hands down, my favorite memory as a Chief is running through the tunnel and onto the field for pregame and playing the fanfare. There's nothing like standing on the field and looking around Doak at all of the Noles with their hands in the air cheering us on and getting pumped up for the game. I get chills and a rush of adrenaline every time I think about it.

Courtesy: Anneliese Muller

HC: As a member of the Oglesby Union Board, what are some current projects are you working on?

AM: The Oglesby Union Board is really diving into the process of the renovation of our student union. I'm a new member on the board but we've already made a lot of headway on plans for the new union, which is really exciting because we'll probably see the first phases start to happen in about a year! We've met up with the architects on the project multiple times already and they are eager to hear what the students want. We're also all liaisons for departments like guest services, the Flying High Circus, Crenshaw Lanes, Askew SLC, etc., so we've been working on getting to know our liaison and building relationships to start the communication for next semester.

HC: You’re also a Legislative Aid for a Student Senator. What does your role entail?

AM: As a Legislative Aid, I work with my senator to gain information and research on projects that other universities are working on so we can bring the knowledge back to bills and resolutions here at FSU. This past semester, I helped my senator work on bills that are now funding free pads and tampons in women's restrooms around FSU's campus.

HC: With summer right around the corner, what are you looking forward to this fall?

AM: I'm so excited to come back to FSU this fall and get ready for football season. Going to preseason training for Chiefs is really exciting because we're some of the first people on campus and we get hyped for football season a few weeks before the rest of FSU comes alive. I'm really excited to get back in my Chiefs uniform and start playing the war chant again!