America Runs On Dunkin (Now FSU Will, Too!)

Rumors have been swirling for months regarding the fate of the empty building next to Bill’s Bookstore on Copeland. When the tweets surfaced around mid-December that a Dunkin Donuts would soon be coming to campus we laughed, we cried, and mainly just hoped it wasn’t just a cruel joke. With multiple Starbucks’ on campus, it was only a matter of time before Dunkin moved in on the college scene, armed with delicious donuts and cheap iced coffee. With a banner strewn across the front of the building about a month ago, our prayers (and our pleading tweets) were answered with the confirmation of not only a Dunkin Donuts, but a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins combo that would soon be arriving. What a time to be alive, Tallahassee! America runs on Dunkin and now Florida State will too!

Opening this past Saturday morning, the new Dunkin Donuts has garnered a lot of positive attention among students. With exposed brick walls and garnet and gold paint, this location is specifically decorated to cater to FSU students. Expanding even more on the theme of Seminole spirit, the Baskin Robbins’ side is offering freshly made garnet and gold waffle cones, perfect for an after game day snack. Although lacking a drive-thru, this location more than makes up for itself with the inclusion of an extensive and welcoming deck, stretching along the side of the building. Offering plenty of comfortable seating, as well as free Wi-Fi, Dunkin Donuts is an ideal study destination, open just in time for the upcoming finals week. Pop in, grab a donut (or five), an iced coffee (preferably in an IV drip), and set yourself up for the long haul. 


Seeing as parking is limited, this Dunkin is primarily geared towards on-campus college students. Before the instillation of this store, the closest Dunkin Donuts was about a 5-10 minute drive, leaving many on-campus students unable to ease their donut cravings. Although not definite, it is believed that Dunkin Donuts will be opening at 6am and closing around midnight daily, leaving plenty of time for students and professors alike to stop in for a snack. Freshmen 15 beware- all of your favorite menu items are being offered at this location, proving to be a great addition to Florida State’s campus. 


Interested in the great deals Dunkin Donuts has to offer? Consider downloading the free Dunkin app and registering with their reward program, DD Perks. College students are always searching for free food or the best available deal so refill your card, gain points as you purchase, and reap the benefits! With great offers such as 99-cent any-size iced coffees and discount breakfast sandwiches, it’s easy to grab a cheap, delicious meal. When you first sign up, on your birthday and with every 200 points you earn, you’re able to receive a free medium drink! There’s also a chance for you to score a free donut by filling out the survey at the bottom of your receipt regarding your experience and the service and bringing it back within three days. If you’re a true Dunkin Donuts lover, I’m sure that won’t be a problem.