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All Things Millie: 14 and Still Cooler Than All of Us

The month of February has a little bit of everything. From celebrating Black History Month and the constant reminder of being forever alone on Valentine’s Day to our personal favorite, National Margarita Day, February is a short month filled with a lot of historical moments. However, we can’t forget one of the best days of the year that just so happens to fall on the same day as President’s Day – Millie Bobby Brown’s birthday! Unless you live under a rock, you know that Millie is probably the coolest kid in Hollywood right now. After all, she does play the most bad-ass character we’ve ever seen. Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that she’s 14-years-old and everything I aspire to be, or the fact that I’m 22-years-old and wishing I could be as cool as a 14-year-old. Whether you’re a Millie fan or think she’s overrated – which, by the way, she isn’t – here are a couple reasons that proves she’s the coolest kid around.

1. Her Instagram game KILLS.

I really don’t know how to feel that a 14-year-old has a better Instagram than I do, but regardless, she stays slaying the ‘gram.

 Courtesy: Instagram

Millie, I have one question for you, “HOW?”

 Courtesy: Instagram

2. She loves the Kardashians and it’s totally okurr.

Although the Kardashians may be everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, including my own, Millie isn’t afraid to say how much she’s obsessed with them.

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Of course, Millie isn’t the only fan-girl in this relationship. Just as much as Millie loves the Kardashians, the reality stars love her right back just the same and I can’t say that I’m not the slightest bit jealous. I mean, hello! Kim and Khloé Kardashian and even momager, Kris Jenner, fangirling over you? A DREAM. 

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

 Courtesy: Buzzfeed

3. She’s Eleven, duh.

Ah, the moment she got her claim to fame and where I realized Millie and the rest of the Stranger Things kids are cooler than I ever was or will be.

 Courtesy: Giphy

4. Her friendship with her co-stars.

Speaking of the rest of the Stranger Things crew, the bond Millie has with all her costars is probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

 Courtesy: Elle UK

5. She owns the red carpet.

Who can rock Converse on the red carpet? Oh, that’s right – Millie can.

 Courtesy: Instagram

Even this bathroom picture of Millie at New York Fashion Week this year puts all our bathroom selfies to shame.

 Courtesy: Hollywood Life

6. Look out Cardi B, our new favorite female rapper is here to claim your thrown.

Sure, Millie proved her rapping skills when she rapped the whole Nicki Minaj verse in Kanye West’s “Monster” on The Tonight Show, but Millie really outdid herself when she rapped a recap of everything that happened in Stranger Things. Why watch the series when you can just get Millie’s rap version of it?

 Courtesy: Instagram

7. Her first real kiss was on-screen with Finn Wolfhard and she nailed it, even if she was a little nervous.  

No, I’m not crying. You are.

 Courtesy: Pop Sugar

8. Millie’s basically BFF’s with Drake.

Being as big of a Drake fan as I am a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, her friendship with Champagne Papi is everything I could ever want and more.

 Courtesy: Instagram

I still die every time I see these photos.

 Courtesy: Instagram

9. She’s totally bitchin’.

Enough said.

 Courtesy: Gfycat

Millie, from all of us to you – stay bitchin’ and never change.

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