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If you haven’t seen To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, go see it now! Stop what you are doing right now and watch it. If you forgot what happened in the first To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, here is a quick recap.

Lara Jean wrote five letters about five different boys that she kept hidden in a circular box. She never wanted to mail them, but her little sister Kitty mailed all the letters out. Peter Kavinsky received a letter and they had a plan to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by fake dating. Long story short, they ended up having feelings for each other and started dating. 

Now that we are caught up, we can get into how Lara Jean’s life turned upside down. I will warn you that this movie will have you yelling at the screen, smiling idiotically and feeling joy at the end.

There are spoilers in this recap… you’ve been warned.

Lara Jean is in a fully committed relationship with Peter Kavinsky. She likes him. It started as them being friends but has grown into a cute high school relationship. But she has never been a girlfriend to anybody before which many girls can relate to and that does not help when we are second-guessing ourselves. Throughout the beginning stages of their relationship, her friends made her feel insecure about Peter being too close to his ex-girlfriend, Gen and being predictable when it came to express his love for Lara Jean. She started to doubt their relationship time and time again. 

One day, she received a letter and it was the one missing from John Ambrose. He was very happy about the letter he was mailed, but she was very embarrassed. She thought about writing him back but decided not to. Coincidentally, both John Ambrose and Lara Jean volunteered at Belleview where they helped geriatric people enjoy their lives. They reconnected quickly over the memories. It was like she was reminiscing about what could be, and she tried to hold on to it to hide away from what is. John Ambrose showed signs of wanting to be more than just a friend to Lara Jean which sounds like a wish come true. She went from having no options to having two boys who wanted her. Get it, girl!

She let Gen, the ex-girlfriend, get under her skin with her comments about Peter mimicking the same things he did for her for Lara and how easily Peter “ran” after her when she cried for help. Peter needs to grow a pair and express his love for her. Even though Gen and Lara Jean were disagreeing about Peter’s actions a lot, the whole time they just missed being each other’s best friend. Something Lara Jean said that stood out to me about her culture was there is a Korean word called Jung. It means how two people are connected no matter what and even when you hate them, you will always have a sentimental spot for them in your heart. Both realized they missed each other and reconnected which was so cute—they even had friendship bracelets!

In the end, John Ambrose kissed Lara Jean, but she realized she did not want to kiss him. She went to find her man, but he found her first. Peter is a jock, but who doesn’t have a soft spot for him? I am Team Peter forever! Although John Ambrose is so cute and could be any lucky girl’s ideal husband, he was from her past life. Some people come into your life for certain parts and sometimes they are not meant to stay, but that is okay.

I give this film a 10/10 because it explains a lot about love and how you should live your life with no regrets and enjoy your time with people you care about no matter what. It even shows how Lara Jean’s culture is different and how that plays a role in all aspects of life. Her vulnerability was relatable throughout this love triangle and it shows what she wanted all along was right in front of her.

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Hi, my name is Taylor Walker. I am a senior at Florida State University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I love to write about my experiences and things I love. In my spare time, I make content for my Youtube channel called Taylor Renae.
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