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Alexandra Sexton: President of Senior Class Council

Alexandra Sexton is the President of the Senior Class Council at Florida State University. She has been a part of the class council organization throughout her college career and is entering her last semester at the university. We spoke to Alexandra about her time in class council, how she got involved and COVID’s impact on student life.

Her Campus (HC): What is your name, how old are you and what is your major?

Alexandra Sexton (AS): Alexandra Sexton, I am 21 and I am double majoring in risk management insurance and professional sales.

HC: Where is your hometown?

AS: Originally from Kildare, Ireland but I live in Ocala, Florida now.

HC: What is your current plan for after graduation?

AS: Attending law school!

HC: What clubs and organizations are you involved with on campus?

AS: Class councils, Chi Omega, Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Gamma Iota Sigma and Phi Alpha Delta.

HC: How did you get involved with Class Councils?

AS: Ally Ingraham who was one of my sisters in Chi Omega encouraged me to get involved with the class council. I had been involved with Student Government throughout high school so when I got to college and got to join the class council, I was extremely excited.

HC: What is your favorite part of being the President of the Senior Class Council?

AS: My favorite part about the class council is definitely the people. I have gotten to work with and meet so many incredible people. That is one of my favorite things about FSU as a whole. There are so many people with so many different backgrounds, but we all come together to make the Florida State Seminole family.

[bf_image id="rq96n8tgc3rr564hbb7wj"] HC: What is your favorite memory from Class Council?

AS: My favorite memory would be this past year. These have been challenging times with COVID-19 and things were really different than usual. However, just seeing how adaptable my fellow members of the class council have been and their love and passion to help our campus and our students have been amazing. Even over Zoom, we were still able to have fun and be silly while also continuing to grow the comradery between our classes.

HC: What has been your favorite event you have done through class council?

AS: By far my favorite event was last year for Valentine’s Day while I was on junior class council. We were giving away cookies on Landis and we asked people if they wouldn’t mind writing a card to the children at our local hospital in Tallahassee. This was so special to me because I am really passionate about sick children and families going through difficult times. So, just knowing it would bring a smile to their faces was amazing. I love when we, as an FSU family, can really be involved with our community.

HC: How has COVID impacted your ability to get the senior class involved?

AS: It has been difficult for all students, especially for the seniors during COVID. So, involvement has been hard as everything is done online. However, we have been hosting different virtual events and have been active on our social media and I am extremely proud of the class council as a whole with the engagement we have gotten considering everything going on with COVID.

HC: What do you hope to do for the senior class in the spring?

AS: We are trying to plan some very exciting things for our seniors in the spring starting with our Countdown to Graduation event on Jan. 27. We are doing our best to make things special for our senior class while also being cautious and respectful of others' safety.

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Alexandra Straumann is a junior at Florida State University double majoring in Criminology and Political Science. She is so excited to be apart of HerCampus FSU and explore her passion for writing and cannot wait to see what HerCampus has in store; happy reading! instagram: @alex_straumann
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