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Alexander Morato: The Most Involved Student on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Name: Alexander Morato

Year: Senior

Age: 21

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: The Florida Keys

Major: Political Science

Photo By: Annie Grafe

Her Campus (HC): Why did you choose to attend Florida State University?

Alexander Morato (AM): When I was in high school I was involved with a club called PeaceJam. That brought me to Florida State’s campus yearly, sometimes twice a year. It really gave me a relationship with Florida State and made me fall in love with the campus and the student mentors I met.

HC: What classes are you taking for your final semester?

AM: I’m only actually taking one class right now, technically. It is International Conflict. It’s really interesting and my last class to graduate, which is really scary! I’m also taking six credit hours for my honors thesis. I’m taking three more credit hours for my internship at the capitol, which is why I’m dressed in a suit right now.

HC: What organizations/clubs are you involved with on campus?

AM: Currently, I am involved with a little bit less than I normally am. I wanted to give myself more time to focus on my thesis an enjoy campus life during senior year. I am primarily involved with PeaceJam, my one true love here at FSU! I used to be involved with the Office of Governmental affairs, which is a bureau of SGA. I am also currently involved with FSU Surf Club and FSU Wakeboard Club. Those are two very fun clubs; I’m glad that I decided to join those. I am also involved with a couple honors societies, Golden Key Honors Society and Phi Kappa Phi.  

HC: Some have referred to you as “The Most Involved Student on Campus”. Do you agree with this statement?

AM: No, I don’t! I think it’s very flattering that my friends say that about me. I wouldn’t say I’m the most, but I am pretty involved on campus. I think that’s just a reflection of my lifestyle, I like to be involved with as many things as I possibly can.

HC: If you had to choose one, which organization would you say is the most fun for you?

AM: I’d have to say PeaceJam. It has been a rollercoaster ride of fun I would say! It’s provided me with a lot of personal development and growth opportunities, and it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone, making me who I am today. I really enjoy the conferences that we put on every year. I’ve never been involved with such a unique organization. It allows you to interact with a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. I’ve personally met seven different Nobel Peace Prize Laureates through PeaceJam. I’ve gotten a picture with some, had in depth conversations with others, and even had lunch with a few. It’s a very interesting organization that unfortunately not too many people on campus are aware of, and I wish more people knew about it.

HC: Has being involved in these organizations opened up any opportunities for you? If so, which?

AM: I guess in terms of opportunities, PeaceJam has offered me a lot of opportunities for leadership roles. Currently I’m a Mentor Leader within PeaceJam, which means I preside over my own group of PeaceJam mentors. I facilitate discussion among them, and essentially train them to become mentors for our Spring and Fall conferences.

HC: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get involved on campus?

AM: Peer Involvement Mentors! I never knew these were a thing, but it’s very useful for new people on campus. It’s an organization on campus in the student union that has you take a small survey, and then shows you organizations that align with your interests. I know this because my friend Bianca J. is a Peer Involvement Mentor. I wish I had known about it when I came to FSU. Another way to get involved if you’re a freshman is to look at all the flyers and go to some meetings that interest you. You’ll probably meet some people you’re similar to by going to these meetings,

HC: When you aren’t busy being involved, what fun activities do you enjoy doing?

AM: So I recently picked up a couple new hobbies! Rollerblading and surfing are my two newest. Other than that, when I’m back home, I really like spear fishing and free diving. There are cable parks near Tallahassee, there’s one in Valdosta, Georgia that I love. FSU Wake or FSU Surf will take trips out there to go wakeboarding and stuff for a little bit, so that’s a fun activity!

HC: Do you have a favorite spot on campus?

AM: I think my favorite spot, other than the student section of Doak Campbell Stadium on game days, is the bench on Mina Joe Powell Green. It’s right behind Westcott. It’s a small little bench that butts up next to a really tall tree. On winter days it’s very nice to have lunch there and look at the clouds.

HC: If someone wanted to know more about you, what’s something they should ask you?

AM: Ask me about where I’ve traveled!

HC: What plans do you have after graduation?

AM: So, recently found out some bad news that threw a wrench into my plans, but I’m not letting that stop me! My mom always tells me “whatever happens, happens for a reason”, but I have always noticed that when I’m rejected from something it tends to push me towards a better path, so I’m pretty excited. Hopefully I’m going to Spain to teach English, and if not I might be joining my friend in Australia for a year to work! Who knows where life will take me.

HC: Finally, what are you going to miss most about being a student at FSU?

AM: So many things! I would say I’m definitely going to miss the game day hype. Just putting on my garnet and gold, going to Doak Campbell, and doing the war chant with everyone else is what I’ll miss most.

Caylen is a Senior at Florida State University. She is Majoring in English Literature. Caylen loves reading, elephants, Chick-fil-A, and her Netflix account.
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