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I am not usually a Twitter girly. I open the app so infrequently that I didn’t even know it was renamed until almost a month after it happened. So, with my luck, of course, it just so happens that the one time I open the app I come face to face with the most horrifying tweet of my life.

Pop Flop named Taylor Swift’s worst songs and, well, let’s just say I have thoughts on their picks. So, in a fit of the kind of unhinged feminine rage that only bad Taylor Swift opinions can bring out, I’m about to list my picks for the best underrated Taylor Swift songs from each era. 

Taylor Swift

Swift’s self-titled debut album, typically referred to by fans as “self-titled” or “debut,” is a work of art. Am I able to say that the entire album is the best? Unfortunately, I really shouldn’t break the rules before I’ve even established them. If I had to pick just one song, though, I’d pick “Invisible.” This song is from the deluxe edition and it’s too good for you to not have heard it.


“We Were Happy” was on Pop Flop’s worst song list and that’s the worst take I’ve ever seen anyone have. She did not write the lyrics “Oh, I hate those voices / Telling me I’m not in love anymore” just for them to call it one of her worst songs! If you don’t think this song is a work of art, I’m convinced you haven’t listened to it in a delusional enough headspace yet. 

Speak now

If you aren’t a “Superman” stan, you need to be. Go listen to it again. It’s so fun. It’s so easy to sing along to. I have never loved a song more than I love this song, and Pop Flop just doesn’t understand it the way I do!


There were so many good picks for this, especially considering the rerelease of this album has a whopping 30 songs. “The Last Time” is an underrated duet featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol; I could write multiple essays on the way their voices perfectly blend. My freshman roommate is the one who got me hooked on this song (thank you, Alexa) and I’m all the more insufferable for it.


I didn’t realize everyone wasn’t as obsessed with “I Know Places” as I am, but apparently, they’re not. I can only hope that everyone realizes what they’re missing when the new version comes out this October. 


This was a hard one because I feel like most of these songs are either beloved or have a small yet devoted fan base. I’m going to say “So It Goes…” because I feel like no one talks about it. There’s not a single moment of this song that isn’t catchy.


Pre-Eras Tour, my top pick would’ve probably been “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince,” but I think her opening the tour with that song keeps it away from underrated status. I’m going to throw my support behind “It’s Nice To Have A Friend” because I hadn’t really listened to it separate from the full album until recently and I immediately added it to several playlists. Who knows, maybe you’ll do the same.


If she hadn’t switched “invisible string” to “the 1” on her tour, I would’ve said the latter song in a heartbeat. That just gives me a perfect opportunity to highlight “hoax,” which you need to go listen to on a loop right now. 


At least half of this album can probably be considered underrated. There’s been an entire running joke on the internet about Swift herself forgetting about this album, to the point where people were convinced she wouldn’t play it on the tour. But “happiness” is a shoo-in for most underrated gem on this album. If you don’t believe me, go listen to it again. 


I feel like it’s a little hard to pick an underrated song from her most recent album, especially because none of these songs really feel like they meet the “hidden” qualification for hidden gems. I will say, though, that “Labyrinth” is gorgeous and does not get as much love as it should and we should change that immediately. I’m starting a “Labyrinth” fan club — let me know if you want to join.

So that’s it! Do you agree? Disagree? Have any other favorites I didn’t mention? Let me know because there’s nothing I love more than talking about Taylor Swift with anyone who will listen. 

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