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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The fall is my favorite time of year for fashion, especially here in Tallahassee. I’m a South Florida baby, so last year was my very first fall where the weather changed. Let me tell you guys, I loved wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin-flavored anything. Reading on Landis with a chill in the air that isn’t too cold to be outside made it feel like the best season. Here are my predictions for what will be the most popular trends this fall. 

The color of fall

I think it’s really fun to try to guess what the color of the next season will be whenever I do a trend prediction. I am happy to share with you that I believe the color of the fall will be purple. I do kind of want to say blue because I think Taylor Swift could single-handedly change what is trendy midseason, but I believe a jewel-toned purple will be the color we see the most on clothes this fall.


I’m so excited by this trend. I have been a big fan of the resurgence of corsets in the last few years and this feels like an expansion on that idea. Wearing a waistcoat or vest as a top provides a vintage-inspired feel with a sophisticated flair. Here we see it on Aimee Song.


You are going to want to make sure you are stocked up on this basic asset: the plain white tank. This can go with anything. If you’re trying to go for the off-duty model, effortless look, being in a white tank is perfect. Tanks add a clean look and go with any type of bottoms, miniskirt, jeans or slacks. Julie Sarinana shows us how it’s done.

Big Bags

I love any kind of purse but I think since we saw such a trend of teeny purses this year, the pendulum is about to swing right back in the other direction. I guess you could say all the tote bag girlies are ahead of the curve on this one. This bright green bag on Yolande Macon adds such a fun pop of color.

Pattern Clash

I know this is supposedly a fashion sin, but I think the pattern clash is gonna be huge. I’m kind of here for it. A fun jumble of patterns that supposedly don’t go together actually can make sense in a fun way when done like Michelle Li.

Leather pants

Anything leather— jackets, boots and especially pants— is going to be popular this fall. I love how leather can make an old outfit shine. A good pair of black leather pants can add a flair to any old top.

Here we have Chrishelle Lim showing us how to pair it with a red sweater.

Rain boots

These are honestly a need for the Tally weather. On this campus, everything can be beautiful one minute and the next, there is a flash flood warning. A bright colorful pair of rainboots with a fun pattern can totally be a part of a cute outfit. These Hunter boots are a really great example of how boots can coordinate with an outfit.

Those are my predictions of what will be the biggest trends of fall 2022. It’s always important to remember that you should wear what makes you feel confident. Wear something because you like it, not because someone tells you it’s popular. Now go drink a pumpkin-flavored anything!

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Jenna is a freshman this year at FSU. This is her first year writing for Her Campus and she is very excited to join the team!