9 College-Aged Women Open up About Their First-Time Shaving

Ah, the struggle. We all know the cuts, the cries and the frustration of shaving, and it’s no doubt we’ve had some funny stories pile up since that first shave. Stories you can laugh about now but at the moment seemed more like a scene from a horror movie.

For your first shave, your mom or sister or maybe even your dad taught you the ropes, or you tried to tackle it alone...but either way, I’d guess it wasn’t very pretty.

So, while those cuts and scars decorate your legs, get ready for some laughs because we asked college-aged women to take a trip down memory lane to spill the tea on their first-time shaving experiences. Here are the stories they shared, that honestly, we can all relate to!

When your mom wasn’t messing around.

“My mom made me shave my legs outside by our pool so I wouldn’t destroy our bathroom.” @melissaariel

When you knew better than to trust yourself.

“I made my parents shave my legs for me for months.” @tarynbargerr

When you were a really good listener.

“My mom told me I could only shave up to my knee and I guess she forgot she told me that so until I was like 14 I had never shaved my thighs.” @basically.chey

Or maybe, when you weren't a good listener.

“I went into my mom’s bathroom and took her razor and shaved my legs in the shower. When she got home, I had long pants on to hide it from her. BUT the next day when I was getting ready for school, I made the mistake of wearing shorts. I didn’t think she was going to notice, but boy was I wrong. She straight roasted me. She told me that I looked like a woman and that I was too young to shave by myself. She was so p*ssed that I did it behind her back and was yelling all sorts of things in Spanish. I wasn’t allowed to shave by myself until the next year.” @lifewithkatarina

When you just got really carried away.

“When I was 8, I shaved off half my eyebrow.” @gracehayes52

When you really had no idea.

“I didn’t know how to get the hair off the razor so I opted for running my finger through it.” @sofiaazpurua

When your mistakes still haunt you.

“The first time I shaved, I shaved super hard against my skin around my ankle and tore a chunk of skin off that was about a quarter of an inch thick and I couldn’t stop bleeding. I was scared so I ran around my house to find my mom and then because of losing a lot of blood I got really light headed and fainted and now looking back on it it's somewhat funny? But also it was really terrifying I can hear the sound of my skin tearing till this day.” @ceci.monge

When you turn your home into a crime scene.

“I finished shaving my legs and walk out of the shower to my room and feel a sting on my leg, realize that my leg has a gash on it, and there’s a foot trail of blood from my bathroom to my room.” @baesicallysoph

And finally, when reality hits.

“I was so eager to shave as a young girl and now it’s such a chore.” @iingridfrances

Courtesy: Katarzyna Grabowska

The sad truth is that your experiences probably haven't gotten much better. Oh, wait, it's just me that still cuts my legs every shave?…NVM!

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