8 Fashion Trends to Watch For in 2018

The year, having just begun, is already hinting at the fashion trends that will take over your favorite shops, online boutiques, and Instagram timelines! With 2017 being a year of perspective heels, a reinvention of the classic 80s "jelly" shoe into a rather uncomfortable plastic block heel, Gucci gang (fake Gucci emblems and colors on EVERYTHING), YEEZYs and their “made in China” dupes, and the infamous Fashion Nova, it’s exciting to ponder what trends will be next. Thankfully, a few celebrities have already given us a glimpse of some of the newest trends and comebacks. With thorough research, which consisted of me scouring the pages of my favorite celebrities and fashionistas, I compiled the projected trends of 2018. Without further ado, here’s a list of eight fashion trends touching town in 2018!

8. Velvet

While we’ve seen the likes of this material in previous years, it is likely that 2018 will be a boom in the velvet trends. We are normally used to seeing darker shades of velvet, blacks and burgundy on sweat suits and coats. However, you should expect to see your favorite celebrities sporting lighter shades of velvet—peaches and pinks that might make a lovely appearance on tops and dresses in warmer weather. Velvet will no longer be designated for the winter!

Courtesy: Vogue

7. Lovely Lavender

While we have already seen so many neutral colors mixed in with loud primaries in 2017, we have yet to be introduced to other shades—that is until purples starting springing up. One hue, in particular, lavender is theorized to make a strong appearance this year. 2018 will be the year of Purple rain!

6. Feeling Blue?

We’ve been through all of the hair trends—the bright red, orange and pink hair. It begs the question, what about blue? Well, don’t worry. Blue hair has been cropping up on some of the biggest celebrities this year. Amandla Stenberg rocks her "cotton candy blue" box braids in several photos on her Instagram. But it doesn’t stop there. I find many of my favorite Instagram models with these beautiful blue tresses, making me feel more nostalgic for the summer and the beach! This might be a trend I have to try out.

Courtesy: Instagram

5. The School Girl Way: Plaid

Coming from an all-girls Catholic high school, I don’t find my plaid uniform skirt to be extremely appealing. It certainly wasn’t something I’d be caught wearing outside of school. But I might have to revive these old uniform skirts for use in my everyday wardrobe, and not just for Halloween. The "Clueless" looks are exactly that . . . LOOKS. Plaid is in, and we can expect to see this print on pants, jackets, and everything in between.

4. BOLD prints

We see them every year, prints that make every outfit POP. With color blocking continuing, expect to see more contrast pieces with bold patterns like bright colored stripes. You'll see these staple designs on everything from blouses to shoes.

Courtesy: Vogue

Courtesy: Vogue


3. Ruffles & Frills

This trend is kin to distressed jeans—what with the fluffs and frills of pants, shirts, coats—you name it. But this year ruffles will take over. It’s already evident from many of the designers showcasing their Pre-Spring Ready to Wear Collections of 2018. Designers like Dolce and Gabbana as well as Versace feature their collections showcasing long frills and elaborate ruffles. Let’s shake it up this year ladies.

Courtesy: VogueCourtesy: Vogue

2. Shine Bright Like a Sequin

A girl's best friend might be diamonds but let’s face it, unless you’re Rihanna, you probably won’t be showing off any diamond-covered dresses anytime soon. But you need not fear, for the year of sequins is here! This is the trend all the ladies have been waiting for; time to cover everything with sparkles and strut the streets shining.

1. Bucket Hats

I know what you might be thinking...but hear me out. This is a personal favorite of mine, something I’ve been waiting to pop off since 2012. I remember the days of the bucket hats, and I’m an avid advocate to bring back bucket hats in a new way—designer. Imagine the possibilities. Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci and Chanel brand bucket hats! I'd love to see designer bucket hats take off this year. I’m here for it! Are you?

What trends are you excited about this year? Let us know what you think will make a comeback or any new trends you want to see in 2018!