The 7 Definitive Stages of Going Out in Talla-Nasty

When the highlight of your week is hitting up Purgatory at Pots, Happy Hour at 21V or AYCD at the Strip, these things will inevitably happen at some point during your night.

1. Waiting for your last class of the day to end so that you can go home and get ready with your gals.

It’s like that scene in "High School Musical 2," but with significantly more anticipation.

2. Changing your outfit at least four times before settling on that one tried-and-true top you always wear when you go out.

We all have that top. Life would be so much easier if we could use that outfit selector program that Cher has in the movie "Clueless."

3. Pretending to be the infamous Instagram “Tipsy Bartender” while you and your #squad pre-game.

Your best impression of his accent is mandatory, of course.

4. Deciding whether to split a $10 Uber ride (priced on a good night) to the club or to be cheap and walk it.

Fitting more than a 4-person group into an Uber like a clown car is becoming one of your hidden talents. Can you list that on your résumé?

5. When the alcohol hits and one of you has to be the responsible one and become the mom of the group.

Translation: when YOU have to be the responsible one and become the Mom of the group.

6. When you decide to call it a night and grab some grub.

You’ll inevitably end up at The Den or McDonald’s (and splurge on French fries).

7. That feeling of finally taking off your shoes and crawling into bed at the end of the night.

It’s one of the best feelings on earth as you nod off dreaming about your next outing with your girlfriends. Same time next weekend?

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