6 Great Places to Take Photos in Tallahassee

Are you looking to revamp your IG? Are you tired of the same garnet-and-gold-themed game day photoshoot with Doak Stadium as your background? Time to expand your horizon and switch up your feed, girl! There are plenty of other perfect photo-op locations in Tallahassee!

1. Lafayette Heritage Trail

Courtesy: Caroline Allen


Old oak trees bow to make a beautiful and glowing canopy during golden hour. This trail has lush fields of grass for the perfect indie girl vibe. You can twirl like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music for a “one with nature” pose. Get more information here.

2. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

Courtesy: Rambergart


This is another perfect place for outdoor photography! The website, where you can get further information about times and fees, says the following: “A masterpiece of floral architecture, the gardens feature a picturesque brick walkway, secret garden, reflection pool, walled garden and hundreds of camellias and azaleas. These beautiful ornamental gardens were first planted in 1923 by Alfred B. and Louise Maclay after they purchased the property for their winter home.”

3. The TLH Structure

Courtesy: Tallahassee Democrat


Nothing screams Tallahassee like the TLH sign. Located in Cascades Park, this is such a cute way to show some IG love for your favorite college town.

4. Railroad Square Art District

Courtesy: Apartments In Tally


This one is kind of a no brainer, but I had to include it for the aesthetics. Full of vibrant colors, bright lights and quirky treasures, Railroad Square has so many Instagrammable moments! Explore this artsy part of town with your friends during First Friday or just stop by for coffee during the week!

5. "Before I Die" Wall

Courtesy: Odyssey


This is a cool thing to post on any of your social media because of how unique it is. Write your own idea of a thing you want to accomplish before you die. Make it something inspirational, funny or personal and leave your mark on this town! Then, snap a pic and share how #Hipster you are with all of your friends. Find the wall in Burnett Park in downtown Tallahassee. Make sure it hasn’t been cleaned in a while for the coolest picture.

6.  Catalina Café

Courtesy: Catalina Café


This place has ‘gram-worthy murals and graffiti on the walls. It has a cozy and quiet setting that’s perfect for brunch with your gals or studying on your own. I’m not telling you to leave MadSo behind (we love her), but try something new for a change! Read more about their hours and locations on their website.

Spring is on the way! It’s time to spring clean your social media feed and usher in the new season with fresh new photos! Get out, use the rest of our city as a backdrop and share the place you love and call home with your friends and family.