The 6 Best Hair Salons in Tallahassee

So it’s been a couple months (or six) since you have gotten your hair cut... BUT you don’t know any good salons in Tallahassee, and you’re definitely not going to trust just anyone to come near your luscious locks with a pair of scissors! Problem solved: Here is a list of the best hair salons in Tallahassee that will fit any budget and styling need from cut to color!

1. Hair On Earth

Hair On Earth seems to be a very popular place among FSU students. This salon won the Tally Award for Best Hair Salon in 2014, and it’s easy to see why. If you want to dabble in fun colors this is the place to go. The stylists here can give bold color melts or find a subtle way to give you some flair. Good news for animal lovers: Hair On Earth uses R+co products which are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals. There is also a section on their website labeled “specials," so be sure to check that out before stopping in!

Instagram: @babesonearth

Courtesy: Hair On Earth


2. Wanderlust

One quick look at their Instagram and you will automatically fall in love. From balayages to pastel locks, Wanderlust will fulfill your wildest hair dreams. The stylists here are so sweet and helpful when deciding what is best for you. This is a Redkin salon where they do dry cuts (haircuts on dry straightened hair)  which has been becoming more popular- especially in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York. This kind of cut gives more precision and prevents the stylist from cutting your hair too short (which is every girl’s biggest fear). The stylists here are great with colors from pastels to bright pink dip dyes. Say Taylor Mitnick sent you for $20 off your first service!

Instagram: @wanderlustsalonandspa

Courtesy: Wanderlust Salon and Spa


3. Cabellos

Cabellos is a Redkin/Purology salon that offers an array of services including the Brazilian Blowout and Olaplex treatments. Their Instagram features a great representation of their work as well as many flash sales! Cabellos is open until 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Mondays which is great for students with busy schedules.

Instagram: @cabellosalon

Courtesy: Cabello Salon


4. Haute Headz

Located on Gaines Street, Haute Headz is a short walk from campus providing the perfect salon for students living on campus. Haircuts start at $50, and they offer a variety of services from standard foils to  haute undercuts. This salon uses Bumble and Bumble products which are of incredible quality. Haute Headz also won the Tally Award for Best Hair Salon in 2015!

Instagram: @hauteheadzsalon

Courtesy: Haute Headz Salon


5. Dream State Salon

With affordable haircuts starting at $40, this is a great salon that won’t break the bank! On the website there are mini video bios of all the stylists to help you choose which one is right for you. This is an Aveda salon, so you can be assured that they will be using top quality products on your hair. The hair color used here is naturally derived reducing damage, so if you want to change up your look without killing your hair, this is a great option. Dream State Salon also offers waxing, makeup, botanical hair treatments, perms, body waves, hair extensions, and relaxers. Dream State was the recipient of the 2013 Tally Award for Best Hair Salon.

Instagram: @dreamstatesalon

Courtesy: Dream State Salon


6. Aveda Fresh Talent Salon

For students who are on a budget but still want to look fab, Aveda Fresh Talent Salon is amazing. The stylists here are graduates of the Aveda institute so you can be sure they have great training. You can even get a haircut here from only $22. Don’t let the low prices fool you; this is an amazing salon, with, as the name expresses, a lot of fresh talent.

Twitter: @FreshTalent_FL

Courtesy: Aveda Fresh Talent Salon

Each of these salons is unique, but all of them will leave you feeling pampered and give  you an amazing result. You can be sure to walk out of any of these feeling confident in your new 'do.