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5 Warning Signs He Isn’t Boyfriend Material

Boyfriends. They can go one of three ways:

• You both fall deeply in love and hear the sweet echoing of wedding bells in the background.

• The relationship crashes and burns, leaving you with a lesson learned.

• You are left in a blurred area of whether or not he is actually boyfriend material at all.

Now, if you are not in the first section of finding your soulmate and riding off into the sunset, you are then a part of one of the latter two sections. Let’s be honest, we all want to avoid being disappointed by the various potential boyfriends we will date throughout college. So fear not, Collegiettes! Here are five warning signs he might not be boyfriend material.

1. He doesn’t set up a clear means of contacting you.

If a guy wants to be with you, he will make sure he has a practical, reliable way of getting a hold of you. When I say this, I do not mean Facebook, Instagram, or any other type of social media outlet. If a man is boyfriend material, he will get your actual phone number. Yes, the seven digits that connects you to him. If not, it shows he is not interested in getting closer than just Facebook friends or Instagram followers, and that does not equal boyfriend material.

2. If he casually makes plans and then doesn’t follow through.

I like to call this guy the flip-flopper. He says one thing and does another. This, Collegiettes, is a huge warning sign that you should definitely take into account. Ask yourself: does he follow through with the movie date that he sets up with you? Or does he blow you off to play League of Legends with his friends at any given moment? If you find yourself in this sort of predicament more than once, chances are he is not boyfriend material and you should find someone more interested in human beings rather than virtual mystical creatures.

3. He is a bad influence on you and himself.

Bad influences come in all shapes and forms. It can span all the way from him wanting to go out partying every night to being involved in hard drugs. If he is detrimental to his own life, he will definitely be detrimental to your life if you get involved with him any further. My advice to you, get out while you can! You may think, “he told me he will change,” but in all honesty, it’s not your job to wait around and see if those words will be put into actions. Move on and wait for someone who can postitively change your life.

4. He constantly talks about his exes.

Umm…buzz kill!  Nothing turns a girl off more than hearing a guy constantly bring up his exes!  You feel as if you are dating him, along with Christy, Danielle, and Olivia. You shouldn’t feel like you are being bombarded or competing with his past exes. Remember two is a party, three is a crowd, and four (or more) is absurd.

5. If he’s distracted during dates.

Does the guy you are seeing have his eyes constantly glued to his phone? Does he text multiple people while you are hanging out? Does he Facebook, Tweet, or Instagram while he is on dates with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, he is not boyfriend material. If he can’t take the hour or two to give you his undivided attention on a date, he doesn’t deserve your time at all. Boyfriend material will realize that his friends, social networks, and whatever else he is doing on his phone will be there after your date.

So if you’re noticing any of these warning signs in the boy you are dating I suggest you say:

Marisa is a junior at Florida State University. She is majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She aspires to work as a journalist for a magazine when she graduates. She is very excited to not only be a staff writer, but also a content editor for Her Campus FSU this year.