5 Thoughts After Watching "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

The highly anticipated dark adaption of Sabrina the Teenage Witch was released on Oct 26, and I couldn’t stop myself from watching it on Halloween. The newest Netflix Original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows Sabrina Spellman in her horror infused coming of age story. From drama to demons, a lot unfolds in the ten episodes of the series. Here are five spoiler free thoughts about what went down.

1. Prepare yourself, it’s not what you think it is.

The concept of our beloved teenage witch getting a reboot immediately captured our attention. People who enjoyed the show in the 90’s and early 2000’s were thrilled at the idea of getting a newer and scarier Sabrina. I wasn’t prepared for how different the two shows would be. While the characters of the new adaption have the same names as in the original show the similarities stop there. Their plots diverge completely. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is rated TV-14 while Sabrina the Teenage Witch was rated PG. The witchcraft in the new show appeals to different audiences than the first did.

2. It really is chilling.

The show’s title isn’t just a form of clickbait, it really is chilling. The series consists of witchcraft stemming from Satanic rituals, demons causing great and bloody bodily harm, and necromancy. The Spellman’s coven is deeply rooted in Satan. A real life Satanic Temple is planning to take legal action against Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for using one of their statues in the show and depicting it negatively. The horror elements of the show aren’t jump scare prominent, it is gore and violence that makes the show so twisted. There is a lot of blood spilt in the new series.

3. It is surprisingly progressive.

Parallel to the plot line of witches on the path of night, the show features multiple issues that pertain to mortals in present day. There are LGBTQ characters, clubs and movements formed, and men displaying emotions not perceived to be masculine. Sabrina Spellman questions the patriarchy in both aspects of her life. She does not want to be subservient. 


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4. The characters are what make the show.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is heavily dependent on dark witchcraft and lore that at times becomes overwhelming and boring. The humor of Ambrose, the sweetness of Harvey, and the oddity of Sabrina’s aunts kept me invested in the plot. All of the characters are flawed, and that makes the show interesting. The Spellman family is more wicked than in the 90’s TV show. Sabrina’s aunts Zelda and Hilda have morals that don’t align with Sabrina’s but still support Sabrina how they can, making their dynamic oddly addicting to watch. There are a lot of family secrets that Sabrina does not know about, and her sassy and caring cousin Ambrose (my favorite character) helps as he can. Sabrina’s relationship with Harvey and her other mortal friends differs from the relationships she makes with people in her coven. Watching how the two different sides of Sabrina’s life connect is entertaining.

 5. What now?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has ten episodes, and finishing them left me wanting more. Will Salem the cat ever talk? How will Sabrina’s life change following the events of the last episode? The show creators did a great job of bewitching us.