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5 Things to Know Before You Start at FSU

Starting college can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially at a huge school like FSU. Even though it is such a big school with over 40,000 students, the opportunities here are endless. Looking back at my freshman year, I’ve learned so much about what great things are offered and how to take advantage of them. I quickly realized that I should not be intimidated or overwhelmed by the size of FSU, but rather be excited about what this school has to offer me. Here’s my personal guide on the things you should take advantage of during your freshman year at the greatest university on earth. 

1. Freshman Honor Societies

If I’ve learned anything this year it’s that your freshman year grades DO matter. Many people think otherwise since the bulk of your classes are pre-requisites and you’re typically not in your major yet. This mentality is totally wrong! This is your first year at college, so you should be making it a good one. It’s better to start off on the right foot rather than the wrong one. Plus, your grades freshman year can lead to your acceptance into freshman honor societies! Many people might overlook these, but they look great on resumes and only encourage you to keep working hard for the next three years.

2. Professional Clothing Closet

The professional clothing closet on campus is one of the hidden gems of FSU. Located in University Center A room 4149, this closet has everything you could need to look your best for an interview or job! This closet is full of all types of professional clothes and accessories and the best part is that FSU students can choose 3 items to keep for free! There’s no need to worry about looking your professional best anymore after finding out about this great option.

3. Career Liaison

It is never too early to start writing your resume or cover letter; it’s actually encouraged you start ASAP! If you don’t know where to start or need someone to look over them, your career liaison is the place to go! These people are trained in the art of making your resume look wonderful and be an accurate reflection of the student you are! This is my favorite FSU #protip.

Courtesy: Florida State University 

4. VIP Meal Plan

The VIP meal plan is honestly the way to go not only freshman year, but any year. With VIP you get so many more eating options on campus which is super beneficial for your long class days! VIP includes Chick-fil-a, Subway, Einstein Bros, 4 Rivers, and so much more! Having that VIP swipe guarantees you won’t be hungry and you’ve got so many options to choose from. Everyone wins with VIP!

5. Seminole Futures

Seminole Futures is one of the best resources for marketing, networking and contacting recruiters for jobs and internships. Even though you might think you’re wasting your time by going as a freshman, you couldn’t be more wrong! Being in contact with recruiters your freshman year shows drive and passion and will eventually be very rewarding in the future! Definitely make sure to be on the look out for it next year and attend in order to get ahead of the job-hunt game! 

I'm a senior from Miami, FL majoring in Public Relations and pursuing a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. Think of me as the love child of Samantha Jones & Carrie Bradshaw, plus throw in a little Cuban spice.
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